Brazil has successfully developed anti microbial p

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Brazil has successfully developed anti microbial plastic film

recently, the Federal University of visoza in Brazil has successfully developed a new type of food packaging material, which can not only prolong the shelf life of food, but also reduce the intake of preservatives by diners

this plastic film contains antimicrobials, which can gradually release preservatives to food within a period of time. New materials can effectively ensure food quality. If consumers eat food at the beginning of quality assurance, bci920 drops by 2, which can reduce the intake of excess preservatives. Researchers' experiments on bread and sausage showed that the bread packaged with the new wrapping paper made of this film did not breed any microorganisms after 15 days of storage. In the future, researchers will apply this technology to anticorrosive plastic bottles without bringing dirty things such as iron pins into the refrigeration tank

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