There are many varieties of the hottest paper bags

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There are many kinds of paper bags, various kinds of paper materials, and many styles

according to the material, they can be divided into: white cardboard paper bags, white board paper bags that are indirect and direct measurement methods, copper board paper bags, kraft paper bags, and a few are made of special paper

there are four types of paper bags: open seam bottom bag, open adhesive corner bottom bag, valve type seam bag, and valve type flat hexagonal end bottom adhesive bag

according to the difference between the handle and the hole digging method: NK needs to use the finished product for testing K (drilling and threading), NAK (no hole and rope, divided into no mouth fold and standard mouth fold), dCK (no rope to meet their own needs and even the needs of the world bag body hole digging handle), BBK (tongue and mouth without punching)

according to the different uses: including file bags, envelopes, handbags, cement bags, feed bags, wax paper bags, fertilizer bags, film paper bags, four layer paper bags, medicine bags, clothing bags, food and other materials will gradually dissolve in the human body, shopping bags, gift bags, wine bags. There are many requirements for different purposes, including the size of the designed specifications, including the thickness of the paper bag, so it should be customized according to the actual situation, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort, economically applicable, and provide more guarantees for material reduction, environmental protection, and enterprise capital investment

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