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Brand intelligent protective packaging of goods

What do noisy pizza boxes, self heating coffee bags and cosmetics treated by static electricity have in common? They are actually smart packaging. According to Peter Harrop, an industry expert, the so-called smart packaging is "not only having the function of traditional packaging products, but also guiding 11. Working power supply: 220 ~ 240V customers buy products and protect products"

talking bottle

as the chairman of techex company for ID digital zeroing and automatic calibration of measurement and control parameters, Harrop has been paying close attention to the development of intelligent packaging in the past six years, and helped hold the first seminar on intelligent packaging two years ago. Last month, he organized another seminar in Orlando, Florida. He said that the concept of "smart packaging" has only gradually become known to the public in the past two years

Harrop said that packaging is smart enough to use mechanical, chemical or electronic means to interact with humans. He calls it "Humanized Interface", and he believes that there is a great impetus to promote the improvement of the interface between packaging and people through innovative technology. Maybe the demand in the pharmaceutical industry is the largest, but it can be extended to all other consumer packaging products

the largest demand in the pharmaceutical industry is due to the increasing number of elderly consumers in society. Limited by their physical condition, they sometimes still need help when they follow the medical instructions. "Smart packaging can automatically deliver drugs at the right time, or it will remind users to take the right dose with a louder and louder voice," Harrop said. "In other words, it will do a lot of things that people can do before."

medivox RX's talking medicine bottle is a good example. Another example is cerepak, an electronically enhanced smart blister package that can help patients comply with the requirements of clinical use

now medicine bottles are not the only packaging that can interact with people. Pizza box is also OK. Last fall, mangia media's pizza box spoke for the first time. Eric Cohen, President of mangia media, said that when the corrugated box was opened, a small pressure-sensitive sound chip driven by light energy would emit sound for 12-15 seconds. This kind of chip is pasted on the box cover near the hinge, and the cost of each chip is $2. These costs are borne by Turner broadcast service (TBS) in order to promote the company's football programs. Thousands of talking pizza boxes are sold to 18 targeted markets across the country

"although this seems to be a kind of somewhat insignificant smart packaging, it is a signal of the times," Harrop said. "Moreover, some new things are a little entertaining at the beginning, and then we can find more serious applications."

when the pizza box is opened, a sound chip can make the sound of promoting TBS football programs

brand strengthening

Harrop sees the great potential of smart packaging in strengthening the brand. What is a better way to distinguish a product from other similar products? A good example is "some gadgets", such as the sealing bag used in beer cans, which can release nitrogen when the cans are opened, resulting in small bubbles. These small bubbles can produce a lot of foam, similar to fresh draft beer just poured out. "This technology is highly patented, so it is difficult for supermarkets to remove it," Harrop explained. "Compared with other beer brands, the sales of Guinness Irish lager from Diageo have increased greatly because of it. This gadget was previously used in the packaging of soda for children."

another package that can strengthen the brand is self heating or self cooling containers. The latest product example is the new self heating single serving coffee pot of ontech Delaware

Harrop said that several self heating containers have already achieved success, mainly because its basic technology is relatively simple. He added that the challenge of self cooling containers is greater, which are somewhat similar to miniature pressurized refrigerators. However, if several technical barriers can be overcome, self cooling containers will be a huge market

although there are few specific product examples, we did find a self cooling 5-liter barrel, which was tested by Kirin Beer Co., Ltd. in mid-2003 and was originally planned to be launched to the market in 2004. This self cooling bucket adopts a double-layer low-pressure design. When it is opened, the water installed in the outer chamber with low pressure begins to evaporate, which will produce a cooling effect. This kind of barrel can cool the beer in the inner cavity to 45 degrees Fahrenheit (about 7 degrees Celsius) in 90 minutes, and can maintain this temperature for 12 hours

"for self heating and self cooling containers, the technical challenge is that they cannot be heated or cooled to the appropriate temperature when the weather is very hot or very cold." Harrop said

ontech's plastic self heating container adopts a simple technology to make calcium oxide react with water in the inner cavity, which can heat coffee to 145 degrees Fahrenheit within 6 minutes, and the maximum peak output power can reach more than 1.5KVA (about 62.7 degrees Celsius)

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