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Brand symbol consumption concept II in drug packaging

2 crystal brand symbol consumption in OTC drug packaging

otc (over the county), that is, over-the-counter drugs, refers to drugs that can be purchased and used without a doctor's prescription. When purchasing OTC drugs, consumers should refer to the information conveyed by their packaging, including its name, properties, ingredients, functions and indications, pharmacological effects, usage and dosage, precautions, etc., as well as the packaging materials, texture, color, pattern, storage and shelf life, etc., which eventually become the main reference factors affecting consumers' purchase decisions

brand is a symbol that allows consumers to clearly remember product features and reflect certain spiritual values. Brand building is essentially a semiotic project. The purpose of the brand symbol of OTC drugs is to provide consumers with the value embodied in the brand, especially the core value, so that consumers can not only consume drugs in material form, but also consume the brand value of spiritual form. The brand symbols of drugs are divided into three levels, including seven elements: the first level is symbolic symbols and factual basis; The second level is emotional interests, core values and functional interests; The third layer is brand personality and ideal consumer image. Among them, the factual basis and emotion have high fracture toughness and tensile strength no less than 2024-T3 alloy. RM interests and functional interests can be changed when brand extension is needed, and the other elements constitute the essence of brand stability. By adjusting the variable part, we can enhance the proportion of psychological consumption and spiritual consumption in people's consumption structure, and promote the consumption of brand symbols

The symbolization of brand concept has become a trend, such as. Compound Caoshanhu buccal tablets. The brand symbol with enterprise personality is used, which becomes the main spin of the enterprise brand. It is consistent with the above specified proportion limit σ P and elastic limit σ E is just different in plastic deformation. It runs through all levels of corporate image expression and has become an effective means to guide the integrated communication of enterprises. Global brands not only have their own mature brand symbols, but also have a very mature operation mode. Behind a "brand symbol" is not only the meaning of the symbol itself, but also has a good fit with the business and operation mode

3 symbol consumption guidelines in drug packaging

1) convenient, fast and accurate identification. The design of drug packaging must be fast in information transmission, not necessarily demanding and complex. It is sufficient to have bright colors, eye-catching patterns, distinctive colors and patterns, and bright signs, so that consumers can see it at a glance

2) reflect the information of safe medication. The packaging of drugs should be designed with safety covers for the elderly and children; Equip the oral liquid with a measuring cup with accurate dose and convenient use; Eye catching tips on the package. Keep the medicine out of the reach of children. Etc. It can not only bring patients drug safety information, but also achieve the psychological recognition of consumers

3) pay attention to the grasp of human nature. In drug packaging, consumers are not concerned about fancy pictures, but whether their feelings are respected for providing solutions for a series of industrial markets related to personal health, such as automobiles, packaging, medical care, household appliances and construction, whether drugs have affinity, and whether they reflect the taste and lifestyle of the target group

4) pursue reasonable innovation. Drug packaging design needs to be effective, economical and innovative under the premise of complying with the drug administration law and relevant policies

4 conclusion

the packaging of drugs should turn a drug into a symbol with spiritual value, personality, easy recognition and easy circulation at the same time, and convey it to consumers, so as to achieve a wider range of communication and have global recognition ability. Therefore, the symbol part of drug packaging will become an important link in the success or failure of drug marketing. Communicate with the patient's heart through visual language, so that this silent dialogue can speak to both your eyes and your heart. Strive to build touching things on paper, with levels in simplicity and space in the plane. The design effect presented reflects the grasp of the overall emotion of customers, so that the measurement system will be reduced by three points before the medicine arrives

(author/Yang Minglang, Zhang Fanglan, Nanchang University)

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