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It is difficult to find Braille tips for commodity packaging

[China Packaging News] recently, careful readers found that there was a string of raised Braille hidden on the body of the glass bottle in the Arctic Ocean. They learned that this string of characters meant to be careful of scratching if it was damaged. The visit found that similar products marked with Braille are rare in the market. Except for the raised dots on paper money and individual drugs to facilitate blind identification, Braille services are now limited to elevators, museums and other public places. The Blind Association also expressed the hope that more enterprises can paste Braille signs on commodity packages, so that the disabled can feel equal treatment in life through reasonable and convenient ways

holding a glass bottle of soda from the Arctic Ocean, Mr. Zhang accidentally found some protruding dots on the glass bottle in his hand. This should be Braille. This design is a little interesting, pays attention to the vulnerable groups, and is very humanized. On Weibo, there are also many people who praise the Arctic Ocean's move. Youshanshan said: the return of the Arctic Ocean not only makes us have the taste of childhood again, but the addition of Braille makes more people feel warm and convenient

according to the Arctic Ocean staff, the Braille dot on the bottle body says the Arctic Ocean on one side and that if it is damaged, be careful to scratch it on the other side. After the Arctic Ocean was re launched in 2011, it was packed in a new package with Braille printed on it. Work 2. The operator of the steel bar bending experimental machine explained that these Braille can not only help the blind identify drinks, but also remind them to pay attention to safety

Supermarket: braille is hard to find, and the counter for the blind disappeared

Braille on the Arctic Ocean beverage bottle has brought convenience to the blind, but similar designs are rare in commodities, and there are still many difficulties in the shopping process of the blind

Beijing Youth Daily recently visited many supermarkets. From food to daily necessities, it randomly checked the outer packaging of many goods on the shelves, but could not find the Braille logo. Even though some supermarkets have set up barrier free channels for the convenience of shopping for the disabled, and the blind can pay first here after shopping, the voice prompt equipment and blind roads that the blind need to go out are not complete

in 2010, Jianguo Road store of Wal Mart shopping mall in Beijing took the lead in launching the first barrier free self shopping counter pilot for visually impaired people in China. Visually impaired customers can scan the goods with blind labels on the shelves with a special identification pen, which stores the brand, capacity, production date, shelf life and other information of the goods. After scanning, all kinds of information can be broadcast. Shopping guides also provide guidance services to take visually impaired customers to the barrier free passage to pay. But yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily learned that the special area of the supermarket has long been cancelled, and the goods in the store are no longer labeled with blind symbols, which means that the pilot service of helping blind people in the past is now zero

Catering: Quanjude blind menu is idle.

Beijing Youth Daily interviewed catering businesses in Beijing and learned that only a handful of catering businesses in Beijing can provide tablet voice ordering or Braille menu services

it is understood that during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Qianmen Quanjude roast duck restaurant launched a Braille menu in both Chinese and English to facilitate blind guests at home and abroad who came to the restaurant for meals during the Paralympic Games. Yesterday, Beiqing Daily called the former store and learned that Braille menus have not been widely used in recent years. The store receptionist said that occasionally blind friends will use them for meals, but in most cases, they do not need to use this special menu because they are accompanied

the Braille menu is so small in practical application that even the customer service staff of Quanjude 400 do not understand this service. Beiqing daily asked 400 customer service staff which stores can provide Braille menus. The reply was that Quanjude did not have Braille menus. Even if there were, it was a long ago version, which did not match the current menu, because the menu had been updated many times

pharmacies: only a few drugs are packed in Braille

Beiqing daily visited many pharmacies. There are no Braille marks on some common drugs such as Ganmao Qingre granules, Banlangen Granules, Yinhuang granules, Shuanghuanglian oral liquid, Niuhuang Jiedu pills and so on on. It is only found that Braille marks are added on the packaging of Sanjiu Piyan Ping (compound dexamethasone acetate cream) in the red box

why is it inconvenient to add Braille to drug packaging? The staff of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory said that printing Braille will undoubtedly increase the cost, and the drug price will increase accordingly, so the enterprise did not print Braille. Tianjin Darentang pharmaceutical factory staff said that once braille is printed, the packaging needs to be redesigned and approved, and the procedures are more complex

compared with foreign developed countries, Braille marking on drug packaging has been legislated, but it is still a blank spot in China. If the administrative supervision department regulates the types, characteristics and typical parts of polypropylene materials for automobiles, it will not only be convenient for the blind, but also conducive to drug safety supervision

it is understood that in 2008, some small enterprises cut corners and replaced inferior products with substandard products. In, some pharmaceutical manufacturers in Zhejiang Province began to try to add Braille labels on pharmaceutical packaging. Zhejiang Province also issued a guiding document specifically to clarify the relevant requirements. At present, only China Resources Sanjiu, AstraZeneca (China), Zhejiang Beide pharmaceutical and other pharmaceutical companies have made preliminary attempts on the packaging of some of their drugs

voice of the blind

some blind people said that they were actually looking forward to shopping in the supermarket, but because there was no electronic map guide, they could only shop in the supermarket accompanied by relatives and friends. If you come to the supermarket by yourself, you usually have to ask for help as soon as you enter the door. You can't find the shelf where the goods are placed, and you don't know the information of the goods. You can only ask for the elimination method: loosen the fixing screws of the motor to help the shopping guide or other customers, and help explain the information on the commodity packaging. It's really inconvenient

many blind people are looking forward to seeing Braille on more and more medicine boxes. In addition, the simple bank procedures of opening an account, filling in a form, and depositing and withdrawing money with a password in the eyes of ordinary people are very troublesome for blind people

it is reported that this year, Huaxia Bank Beijing Branch has launched a number of measures to serve the disabled. Not only are the staff's business cards printed in Braille in addition to Chinese characters, but also innovative measures such as setting up special channels for blind friends, opening special priority windows, providing Braille service manuals and Huaxia help blind cards, and providing exclusive services. Through special services, it is easier for blind friends to handle business in the bank

encourage more enterprises to promote blind labels

for adding Braille to commodity packaging, Yang Jia, vice president of the China Association for the blind, pointed out that in the information age, adding Braille marks to commodities is a trend. China's visually impaired people rank first in the world. Calculated by only 1million blind people in Beijing, whether it is commodity manufacturers, supermarkets, banks and other service venues, if we can attract these people, It is also a big business opportunity

the blind are a special group, and the society should give them more care. Adding standardized Braille marks on the outer packaging of products such as drugs, food and daily necessities is a demonstration. Although it is currently a voluntary act of enterprises, this subtle practice has led blind people to participate in social life equally. We should not only care about this group on the day of helping the disabled, but should be people-oriented in a reasonable and convenient way, which is also a manifestation of social progress

Braille logo needs to contain important information

feel the concave and convex Braille on the glass water bottle in the Arctic Ocean. Mr. Zhang, a citizen, agreed that such a considerate service should be encouraged and promoted. Nowadays, Braille signs can be seen in many public places, but they really haven't been seen on commodity packaging. Printing Braille on the package can provide great convenience for blind people to shop, and it is also the embodiment of businesses' humanized services. He also suggested that the Braille logo on the package should be comprehensive, and important information such as product name, production and use date, and use taboos should be available, which should not be a mere formality

according to Li Qingzhong, chairman of the Blind Association of the municipal disabled persons' Federation, the China Disabled Persons' Federation and the State Food and Drug Administration held a symposium on safe drug use for the blind at the end of 2012 and promoted the pasting of electronic labels on drugs. The electronic tag can contain basic information such as the name of the drug, the type of disease to be treated, and the period of validity. As long as the blind person scans the electronic tag with the intelligence of the downloaded software, he can read out these information. In addition, electronic labels also have the functions of drug information tracking and anti-counterfeiting. At present, this technology has been developed and matured. It can be divided into several types, and the cost is also very low. If you stick more electronic labels, the cost may only be calculated in per cent, and it can be promoted to other goods in the future

Dong Jinshi, executive vice president of the International Food Packaging Association, pointed out that it is very common to paste Braille marks on goods abroad, but not all goods are suitable for printing Braille marks directly on packages. Therefore, it is recommended to set and paste labels separately. He pointed out that for businesses, adding Braille logo will increase the packaging cost by 3%-5%, which is also a reason why many businesses are unwilling to bother adding Braille. From the perspective of businesses, is it also recommended that relevant departments introduce some policies and give enterprises certain subsidies to encourage them to promote such convenient measures

European pharmaceutical companies have spent five years catering to EU regulations on Printing Braille on all product packages. According to relevant EU laws, drugs and their packages must be marked in Braille whether the products contain active ingredients, such as analgesic drugs. Related products (such as toothpaste) regarded as health care products are not subject to this regulation

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