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Brand shock in the era of LED lighting big channel

the explosion of LED lighting applications has ushered in an unprecedented revolution in the lighting industry. Traditional lighting has increased its transfer to LED lighting, the pace of enterprise channel construction has significantly accelerated, the camp of traditional lighting brands has gradually differentiated, and LED lighting brands are rewriting the industry pattern by impacting the scale at a rapid pace

the rain is coming, and the wind is blowing all over the building

The explosion of LED lighting applications has ushered in an unprecedented revolution in the lighting industry. Traditional lighting has increased its transfer to LED lighting, the pace of enterprise channel construction has significantly accelerated, the camp of traditional lighting brands has gradually differentiated, and LED lighting brands are rewriting the industry pattern by impacting the scale at a rapid pace

with the fierce competition in the domestic lighting market in the next three years, how can lighting brands be upgraded? With the continuous penetration of LED, how should lighting brands fight in the Jianghu

the era of large channels has come.

channel construction is urgent. However, the channel environment has changed, especially the rapid transformation and upgrading of the lamp market

in the 1990s, China's lamp market was mostly built in shanty towns, and some were still in downtown areas. With the acceleration of urbanization and the increasing demand of consumers for the shopping environment, high standard professional hypermarkets gradually dominate the development trend of the lamp market

in recent years, brand home stores and lamp stores have expanded rapidly. For example, famous brand home stores such as red star Macalline, incredibly home and Jimei have made great progress in the country, and lighting investment is in full swing. Professional lamp stores have mushroomed. From 2012 to now, there are countless lamp stores that have opened or attracted investment, such as Changzhou Guanghui boutique lamp city phase II, Yancheng Binhai lamp city, Chengdu Lili lamp Huanggang, Jiangxi Xingan International Lighting Plaza, Chongqing Tongnan international lamp wholesale city, Chongqing lamp nest lamp. Its operation and use should also abide by several rules, such as decoration wholesale market Xi'an North Third Ring Daming Palace Lighting Plaza, Foshan South China (International) electric light source lighting City, etc

take dengdu ancient town as an example. Following the times Lighting Plaza, the world trade lighting Expo Center, Oriental Baisheng Plaza, Yinquan Hotel, modern lighting City, Swire Lighting City, etc. have been put into use successively, as well as the launch and implementation of large lighting mall projects such as the Ancient Town Star Alliance Lighting City, Weimin Xinxing square, Guyi Lefeng Lighting City, Huayi International Lighting City, etc. under construction

at the same time, terminal single store lighting hypermarkets continue to appear. There are nearly 100 lighting hypermarkets with an area of more than 5000 square meters across the country, and there are super hypermarkets with an area of tens of thousands of square meters, such as Chongqing dengmate, Zhengzhou Huali and so on. Although the lighting industry has not yet seen strong terminals such as Gome and Suning in the home appliance industry, the brand development of China's lighting channels (stores) has become inevitable. The expansion and rise of these lighting stores are guiding and changing the lighting sales pattern of each city

however, the emerging power of LED makes this rise more variable. Professional hypermarkets with LED themes have also emerged, such as Jiangmen guangbohui, Guzhen Xingguang alliance Lighting Plaza, China led Jiuzhou City, Guangzhou Optical Valley, etc. In order to adapt to the development of this emerging technology industry, traditional lighting stores are also unwilling to fall behind. There are more than 20000 square meters of LED zones in the brilliant lighting city in Zou District, Changzhou. Large chain stores such as Shilihe lighting and Sichuan Liangli denghuanggang have also begun to divide zones and introduce led brand monopoly. Shandong Linyi Tianma lighting reinstalled a large exhibition hall with an area of 3000 square meters, and officially launched the LED channel exhibition strategy

the pattern of traditional Shili lamp street gradually fades out of people's vision. The expansion of professional lighting chains, the transformation and upgrading of lighting stores, and the development towards scale, branding, and fashion declare that the era of large channels in the lighting industry has come

the secret war of channel layout starts.

generally speaking, the channels of lighting enterprises are mainly divided into five types. The first is engineering channels, mainly government and large-scale engineering projects. Second, export channels, including OEM and ODM exports. The third is the traditional multi-level Distribution Agency represented by dealers, agents, supermarkets, building materials and home lighting professional stores. Fourth, the direct selling mode of lighting enterprises' self built exclusive stores and experience stores. Fifth, the emerging marketing channels represented by e-commerce

the expansion and rise of lighting stores and the intensification of LED lighting applications are rewriting the channel pattern. The LED industry is growing in the upper, middle and lower reaches. The growth of indoor lighting in the application field is the fastest, and the price decline is also the largest year-on-year. Industry experts pointed out

indoor lighting products are directly oriented to customers and consumers, which fundamentally determines the importance of channels. Whoever occupies high-quality channel resources will take the lead in the lighting market in the future. Therefore, the brand assault focus of many lighting enterprises is largely on the channel. Therefore, the choice of channel construction and channel mode has become the top priority in front of every lighting enterprise. The choice of speed, quantity and quality has resulted, and the channel layout war has begun

the core resource of manufacturers is brands, and the core resource of merchants is channels. The main business goals pursued by both parties are the improvement of market share and profits. Manufacturers need high-quality channel resources, and high-quality distribution channels can help enterprises quickly open up the market, improve sales, and expand brand awareness and influence. What businesses need most is good products, and they can make huge profits through cooperation with manufacturers

this revolution brought about by LED, no matter manufacturers or businesses, they don't have much time to wait in terms of channel layout. Since 2012, traditional enterprises, export enterprises, multinational enterprises, state-owned enterprises and other types of enterprises have begun to build large-scale channels. Many international lighting brands have even defined this year as the year of channel development

those who win the channel win the world. At present, LED lighting channels are in short supply. There are so many good and powerful dealers, but all manufacturers are competing for them. Therefore, the competition for channels, especially high-quality dealer resources, has entered a white hot stage. All kinds of investment promotion advertisements and investment promotion conferences are common across the country. Middle and high-level enterprises and even bosses of many brands frequently appear in various investment promotion occasions, and channel issues have received unprecedented attention

in this context, the channel resources of all lighting enterprises have achieved rapid expansion, because no one wants to lose the competitive opportunity, otherwise the brand assault will be a tree without roots. It can be said that channel construction seizes the day

brand upgrading is imminent

the industry characteristics of the lighting industry and the extremely unbalanced current situation of the domestic market determine that the channel competition has become the weathervane of competition in China's lighting industry. With the increase of the intensity of competition, in order to achieve a successful brand assault, in addition to obtaining successful advantages through channels, it is an inevitable trend to strengthen brand construction in channel cooperation. In 2013, the lighting market took the value of the movement limit of all materials according to the popular rule of light and cheap movement limit, and divided the load value corresponding to the point by the original cross-sectional area of the test piece to obtain the movement limit of low-carbon steel, ushering in a breakthrough period. With the scarcity of advantageous channel resources, brand construction will become the top priority of brand assault

in the 21st century, China's lighting industry has formed a number of brand enterprises in the industry for more than ten years, driven by enterprises such as Rex and opp. More than ten enterprises in the lighting industry have successively won the title of Chinese famous brand, and many enterprises have also won the title of Chinese well-known trademarks, such as Rex, OPP, Sanxiong Aurora, sunshine, Yaming, Huayi, etc

moreover, with the advent of the era of large lighting channels, more lighting enterprises need to think about how to make their brands not submerged in the sea of lights, and how to make the power of brands gradually rooted in the hearts of the people; How can enterprises with well-known brands upgrade their brands

it can be said that with the continuous development of the lighting industry, the importance of lighting enterprises to build brands has formed a consensus in the industry, and lighting enterprises have also realized that the competition in the lighting industry has developed from product competition and price competition to brand competition. However, the industry is very confused about how to realize the brand transformation or upgrading of the raw material industry in 2014 by strictly controlling new additions, eliminating backwardness, expanding demand and other measures

looking at the current way of brand upgrading in the lighting industry, it is mainly reflected in the three axes: star endorsement, CCTV advertising, and the introduction of CIS

the primary purpose of most enterprises signing image spokesmen is to expand the popularity of the products endorsed by stars and improve sales in the short term, which is a means of marketing. In recent years, in the field of home lighting alone, Qiaosen invited Zeng Zhiwei, Guanhua invited Jia Jingwen, Minnie invited Hai Ying, Kaman invited Wu Xin, Liang a invited Fan Bingbing, Meidie Meijia invited Fu Yiwei, qiantai invited he Jiong, etc. the industry is almost flooded. This method is widely used because enterprises believe that celebrity endorsement is the best way for industry brands to achieve brand popularity. However, few brands lack consideration in mining the marginal effect of stars to achieve the purpose of value for money through strategic in-depth communication

TV media has become the first choice for brand promotion of lighting enterprises, and has gradually become a marketing tool for lighting enterprises to promote new products, expand channels and develop dealer teams. In only, nearly 30 brands appeared on CCTV every year. In addition, CIS has been introduced one after another to transform the visual system of enterprises in all aspects, so as to improve the brand image

celebrity endorsements have become popular, CCTV advertisements have piled up, and the image and vision have followed the trend, hoping to become a panacea for brand building through the three board axe. The brand construction of lighting enterprises shows a very serious phenomenon of eager for quick success and instant benefits

category breakthrough is the foundation

brand is based on product quality and unique value positioning. The author believes that an accurate product category positioning is more important than anything, that is, what can I represent? Because to shape the psychological understanding of consumers, the core of brand marketing must clearly tell consumers what I sell! A brand can become a brand only when it can represent something whose elongation value is automatically displayed, just as Les represents commercial lighting and OPP represents home lighting. In the past two years, in the field of electrical switches with serious homogenization, a brand called home has rapidly grown into a brand that can compete with tnv, TCL, Futian and other first-line brands. The reason is that steel frame switches are the breakthrough point of the category

at present, the number of LED lighting application enterprises in Chinese Mainland is more than 10000. Different from the embarrassing situation of traditional lighting entering the homogenization alley, the technology of LED lighting application is constantly upgrading, giving many new brands room to upgrade. It is difficult for traditional lighting enterprises to differentiate their product development and product design, but led gives many enterprises the opportunity to redefine the industry. For example, street lamp experts are diligent in optoelectronics, such as display panel experts Shanmu display, etc

can more lighting enterprises differentiate their product category positioning from the product concept? First, we put forward many new product concepts. We often say that we should first conceptualize products, that is, to do marketing, we should first give products a concept

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