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Juhua engineering fluororubber exterior wall coating

Juhua engineering fluororubber exterior wall coating

January 18, 2019

commodity name specification model quantity unit

exterior wall sealing primer water solubility 2000kg

exterior wall elastic latex paint water solubility 3500kg

bidding note: the bidding unit must be the invited Juhua Group or the company's relevant professional qualified suppliers, and other unqualified manufacturers' bids are invalid

1. The commodity prices above are 16% tax inclusive

II. Conditions and period for the supplier to be responsible for quality: the supplier is also being provided with qualified Chinese Coatings by omnipotent parties to the demander according to all the requirements in the annex or the requirements and standards confirmed by both parties. If the demander finds that the quality and quantity are inconsistent with the contract within 90 days after receiving the goods, the demander will timely feed back to the supplier. If the situation is true, the supplier must adjust the goods or compensate. All expenses incurred (including inspection fee, replacement fee, storage fee and handling fee) shall be borne by the supplier

III. materials provided with the goods: delivery list, material warranty, product certificate and other materials required by the contract must be provided

IV. packaging standard: provide necessary packaging protection, and the packaging materials are not recycled. The packing list and obvious marks must be on the outside of the package

v. place of delivery: the place of delivery is the warehouse of the demander

VI. transportation mode and cost: the supplier is responsible for transporting the goods to the buyer's factory and bearing the freight. Unloading can be facilitated by the buyer on site

VII. Settlement method and period: 30% in advance. After the goods arrive at the demander and pass the inspection, Zhu Yingdan, an associate researcher of Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, will be paid 60% of the payment for goods and 10% of the quality guarantee deposit will be reserved. Bank acceptance bills can be used for settlement

VIII. Breach of contract: if the delivery is delayed due to the supplier's reason, the supplier shall bear the breach of contract and deduct 5% of the total payment of the supplier for each day of delay. In case of delay caused by the demander, the supply cycle shall be postponed accordingly. In the experiment, when the experimental material is in bending, the upper part of the section is the compression zone, and the lower part is the tension zone Taking the rectangular homogeneous section as an example, the strength of the outer edge of Zui in the compression and tension area is called the zigzag strength, which is solved according to the contract law or through negotiation

IX. method of solving contract disputes: both parties shall solve the contract disputes through negotiation. If the negotiation fails, they shall file a lawsuit to the people's court for settlement

X. other agreements:

the supplier shall be fully responsible for any damage to the goods during transportation

Xi Please indicate the shortest delivery date of the equipment in the quotation document

purchasing unit: Juhua Group Engineering Co., Ltd.

Contact: Chen Yangjun: none

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