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anti-counterfeiting technology in pharmaceutical packaging is an interdisciplinary subject, involving optics, chemistry, physics, electromagnetism, computer technology, spectrum technology, printing technology, packaging technology and many other fields. Ink anti-counterfeiting technology is a widely used anti-counterfeiting technology in the pharmaceutical packaging industry at present. This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology mainly uses the technology of adding special substances into the common ink connecting material and becoming special printing ink after special processing. This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is characterized by simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors and convenient inspection. At present, anti-counterfeiting inks mainly include UV excited fluorescent anti-counterfeiting inks, magnetic anti-counterfeiting inks, thermal color changing anti-counterfeiting inks, sunlight excited color changing anti-counterfeiting inks, optical variable anti-counterfeiting inks, pressure-sensitive anti-counterfeiting inks, infrared anti-counterfeiting inks, anti alteration anti-counterfeiting inks, anti counterfeiting inks, etc

ink printing anti-counterfeiting is an important part of the anti-counterfeiting technology of pharmaceutical packaging. Experiments show that the fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink with fluorescent pigments has good water resistance, acid resistance and alcohol resistance. At present, it is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, especially blister packaging. 8. The sample is also often used in other drug packaging, such as drug flexible packaging and drug labels. It can be said that fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink is the most widely used anti-counterfeiting ink in the anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceutical packaging ink at present

fluorescent ink is made by adding corresponding visible fluorescent compounds to the ink. Its anti-counterfeiting feature is that printed matter can emit glittering fluorescence under the action of visible light and ultraviolet light. Different formulas can get different fluorescent inks. For example, UV fluorescent ink can be obtained by adding UV excited visible fluorescent compounds (such as stilbene derivatives, stilbene derivatives, tetrastyrene derivatives, etc.) to the ink, which can emit red, yellow, green, blue and other visible light under UV irradiation. Infrared fluorescent ink can be obtained by adding visible fluorescent compounds with infrared excitation to the ink, which can emit green visible light under the irradiation of infrared lamp

fluorescent inks can be invisible or visible

① invisible fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting: the material used is invisible fluorescent ink, and the printing process is simple. The ink prints invisible patterns or words, which show clear and bright fluorescent patterns and bright colors under ultraviolet light. The anti-counterfeiting detection is convenient, as long as there is an ultraviolet light source or a money detector

because the invisible fluorescent ink is invisible, that is, there is no one-time plastic straw color. Wetherspoons, a major British bar chain, has also stopped using it. It is invisible to the naked eye when printing, that is, there is no tracking mark recognized by the machine. Therefore, it is difficult to overprint, but this kind of anti-counterfeiting concealment is better and the anti-counterfeiting strength is stronger. At present, this invisible fluorescent ink is used in most domestic pharmaceutical packaging

② visible fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting: the material used is visible fluorescent ink, the printing process is simple, the registration is accurate, and the printing effect is the same as that of ordinary ink, but under ultraviolet light, the printed matter shows abnormal light, which can be different from ordinary ink at this time

the use of fluorescent ink types is very important for the anti-counterfeiting effect of packaging. If the selection is inaccurate or poor, the anti-counterfeiting effect may be not obvious or there may be no anti-counterfeiting requirements at all. For example, according to the color theory of color light and the principle of light absorption, medium and long wavelength color light absorbs short wavelength. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing fluorescent anti-counterfeiting inks. When there is an ink that produces its complementary color light in the general printing system or an ink with a longer color wave than the selected fluorescent ink, it is best not to use this kind of fluorescent ink or it cannot achieve a certain anti-counterfeiting effect after use. Therefore, in the production process of fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the selection of fluorescent ink for a variety of different printing primer materials in the printing system is particularly important

in addition, the use of fluorescent ink is also strict for the printing process, which is easy to disassemble. Due to the particularity of its ink system, we should generally pay attention to the following factors that affect the continued rise of the international influence of the plastic extruder industry:

① as gravure printing is generally used in the pharmaceutical packaging printing process, the choice of solvent in gravure printing is very important. Solvent is an important component of gravure printing ink, which has solubility and volatility. Its volatilization speed is an important factor to determine the drying speed and printing quality of volatile printing ink. The solvent volatilization speed is slow, which is good for the reproducibility of the printed image. However, if the volatilization speed is too slow and it is not completely volatilized on the printed matter, the fluorescent ink layer is easy to stick, resulting in blurred anti-counterfeiting images and dirty layout, which affects the anti-counterfeiting effect and the overall appearance of the product; On the contrary, if the solvent in the ink volatilizes too fast in the printing process, it will produce phenomena such as white ink and roller sticking, and the hidden trouble of ink layer back sticking will be hidden, causing the back of the packaging material to be dirty. Under the UV light, you can obviously see the bright colors and spots, which makes the consumer have an unsanitary intuition, and in serious cases, it may affect the next coating and compounding process. Since the printing equipment and operating environment of each manufacturer are different, such as the speed of the printing machine, the structure of the drying system, the characteristics of the printing materials, indoor temperature and humidity, etc., all factors must be considered, so the use of solvents in the printing process should be comprehensively considered. Usually, the dissolution parameters of the binder resin are compared. In combination with the above requirements, two or three solvents with different boiling points are used together to achieve the expected complete anti-counterfeiting effect pattern

② fluorescent ink generally accounts for a small proportion in the anti-counterfeiting printing layout. It can be said that a small number of fluorescent ink can produce a large number of anti-counterfeiting products. Therefore, when producing fluorescent ink products, we should try to reasonably calculate the ink demand according to the quantity indicated in the order assignment, and strive to use up at one time, or do not leave too much to cause unnecessary waste. Generally, fluorescent ink products cannot be reused for many times for a long time. First, it is easy to get dirty, which leads to the problem of unnecessary unclean layout. Second, after long-term solvent washing, the fluorescent pigment of the ink system is diluted, which greatly reduces the fluorescent anti-counterfeiting effect. Even under the irradiation of UV lamp, the pattern or text appears dim, and the expected anti-counterfeiting effect is not achieved. Considering the economic benefits, this is also very important for factories and enterprises, because the price of fluorescent ink is not cheap, which is more than ten times higher than that of ordinary ink

information source: Chemical Technology Exploration

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