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China's first steel tower cable-stayed bridge adopts fluorocarbon coating

China's first steel tower cable-stayed bridge adopts fluorocarbon coating

May 19, 2005

it was learned from the construction site of Nanjing Third Yangtze River bridge that on May 22, China's first steel tower cable-stayed bridge, Nanjing Third Yangtze River Bridge, will be officially closed. The Construction Department said that it would ensure that the main body of the third bridge was completed in September and opened to traffic on October 9

located at the construction site of the third bridge near Dashengguan, about 19 kilometers upstream of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. The weather was fine, and the steel tower columns of Nanjing Third Bridge were gray and white, giving off charming brilliance in the sun. According to the construction experts, in order to "paint" the most beautiful color on the tower column whose "whole body" is a steel tower structure, the Sanqiao headquarters selected this colorless gray white system after screening four design schemes: colorless color system (gray white), approximate color system, contrast color system and combined color system. This color system is consistent with the concrete gray of the bridge itself. The style is elegant and solemn. It is easy to use additional accessories and has a strong sense of modernity. It is reported that the selected fluorocarbon coating can keep the steel tower from rusting for 50 years, and the service life of the third bridge is 100 years, which means that the third bridge only needs to be painted twice

looking from the bridge deck more than 30 meters high, the South connecting line of the third bridge has been completed, and it extends to the Nanjing Ring Road in a beautiful curve. Comrades of the three bridges command can display N-t and J-T curves told that this arc of the south line is convenient for people to watch the three bridges from different directions when passing through the three bridges. At the same time, a 7-kilometer-long North connecting line has also been completed, connecting with Nanjing Hefei Expressway and Nanjing Huaihe expressway. At the standard speed of 100 kilometers per hour, the manufacturer should also consider the dynamic performance and synchronization of machine movement when driving from Liucun interchange on the ring road to Jiangbei, which takes only about 9 minutes

3million layers of graphene can be stripped from a 1mm thick graphite sheet; It is very hard to plan. After the closure of the three bridges, the asphalt pavement, lighting, greening and traffic engineering of the bridge deck will be carried out. The asphalt laid is the same as that of the second bridge, and the epoxy asphalt is used, which does not need overhaul in 10 years. The main body of the bridge was completed in September and opened to traffic on October 9. The lighting of the third bridge is unique. At that time, people can enjoy the "night third bridge" dressed in 256 colors. Director Yu of the Engineering Department of the third bridge headquarters introduced that "the third bridge at night" will reflect "bright spring, cool summer, bright autumn and warm winter", and the night lighting will be "full dynamic and full color change", highlighting the dynamic changes in the colors of the main tower and cable-stayed bridge, just like a large lighting stage

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