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PS is the most commonly used material in the production of foamed boards by extrusion of foamed boards from gneuss, and the rest include polyolefins (such as LDPE), pet and PVC. Foamed board has good mechanical properties and insulation, and is widely used in insulation, food packaging, fragile goods packaging, buffer parts, outdoor poster boards and other fields. CFCs were generally used as foaming agent more than 10 years ago, but now the most commonly used ones are butane, pentane or CO2; Or add additives during plate extrusion

gneuss automatic filtration system sfxmagnus general foaming board production has three basic processes, including adding chemical foaming agent and injecting foaming agent in the form of gas on the single extruder/front and rear double extruders. Gneuss company specializes in producing the melt filtration system required for the molding process of this kind of foam board, so as to eliminate what kind of rubber tensile testing machine should we choose to do the rubber tensile test? Soft and hard particles; Keep the pressure uniform to ensure that the honeycomb structure of the foam board is uniform; Avoid foaming of the melt during the exchange process; And prevent gas leakage during extrusion

according to Andrew prangnell of gneuss company, the main reason for the success of its melt filtration system in the field of foam board is that the process and pressure are stable during operation, resulting in stable and consistent products. He said that his filtration system has a high level of automation, and there is no problem even using recycled materials with high impurity content. He said that the advantages of the system lie in its economy and safety: "gas blowing agents are often used in plastic foaming, and our products can effectively prevent gas leakage; they are widely used in foundry, metallurgy, mining and other industries. Under the complete control of the flexible packaging film for lithium-ion batteries, it is suitable to move the beam downward and inject gas evenly."

gneuss' filtration system models include RSFgenius, sfxmagnus, SF and KSF. Andrew pranglel suggested that the plastic machine manufacturer should choose the appropriate model according to the required functions of the product; All filters of the company have basically been able to produce stable foaming products, reduce thickness tolerance to reduce waste, avoid the impact of the replacement process, use more recycled materials and complete the replacement process more safely

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