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Electrolytic aluminum flue gas purification technology

electrolytic aluminum flue gas purification and dust collection technology

LLCM long bag pulse dust collector is a new type of long bag pulse dust collector that can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials and is developed for the purification and treatment of electrolytic aluminum flue gas in the aluminum industry by introducing digestion and absorption of selected technologies at home and abroad. With two functions of filtration and adsorption purification, it can treat alumina and adsorb fluoride. According to the process requirements and dust characteristics, our company not only inherits the advantages of pulse dust removal, but also uses dust removal to win a seat in the future competition (non-stop air cleaning) so that a certain dust layer can be retained on the surface of the filter bag. The accumulated dust can further adsorb fluoride, reduce the emission concentration of fluoride, adapt to the characteristics of aluminum electrolysis flue gas and ensure the low emission concentration of fluoride. Dust collector specification

performance and characteristics

1. Dust removal is adopted to keep a certain dust layer on the surface of the filter bag, and the resistance of the equipment is controlled at Pa. after investigation, the powder layer accumulated on the filter bag can further adsorb fluoride, reduce the emission concentration of fluoride, adapt to the characteristics of aluminum electrolysis flue gas and ensure the low emission concentration of fluoride

2. The submerged pulse valve with excellent performance can have a service life of three years and a service frequency of more than 1million times. At the same time, an air bag with matching volume is designed to ensure sufficient compressed air injection volume. It is equipped with large volume air storage tanks and oil-water separation, and the approval authority is delegated to the provincial, county and municipal level 3 devices to ensure the flow and quality of compressed air

3. For the pulse injection device, it has a bright future in the energy storage market. In order to ensure that the air flow ejected by the injection hole is consistent with the center of the filter bag, and the deviation is less than 2mm, the processing of the injection pipe, air bag and flower plate adopts mold positioning and post processing, which effectively ensures the ash removal effect

4. Advanced air inlet equalizing pipe and ash hopper diversion technology ensure uniform air distribution and smooth ash discharge in the compartment. At the same time, measures such as increasing the space under the filter bag in the design of the box, so as to avoid the direct scouring of the air flow on the filter bag, reduce the load of the filter bag, and extend the service life of the filter bag

5. The octagonal cage produced by our company by the automatic production line has a smooth surface, and the octagonal ring in the middle of the skeleton reduces the contact surface with the filter bag, and also reduces the friction of the filter bag, thus improving the service life of the filter bag. The cage is divided into two sections, each of which is 2.5 meters, reducing the space for changing bags. The opening of the filter bag is an elastic expansion ring type caulking structure, which has good air tightness and convenient disassembly. It is made in batch after trial assembly to ensure that it is sealed with the flower board when in use

6. The box is designed with air tightness, which has good sealing performance. The inspection door uses excellent sealing materials. Kerosene is used to detect leakage during the manufacturing process, and the air leakage rate is low. Introduction to Wang Gong, the designer of the technical project: ()

he has been engaged in the design, equipment manufacturing, general contracting and other aspects of air pollution control for more than 20 years. It has 20 national patents Presided over the design of more than 20 large and medium-sized environmental protection projects, presided over the general contracting of 2 large-scale environmental protection projects, involving an investment of nearly 200million yuan. He is one of the main persons in charge of the construction of (electricity to bags), and has rich experience in construction organization and management, Also "863 ". participated in the full set of design scheme of changing the first domestic Electrostatic Precipitator into a bag filter with cubic/hour flue gas volume. The main person in charge of the bag filter design scheme of the 75 ton/hour boiler of Xinghuo thermal power plant. He once studied and participated in the design of the dust collector in the domestic power industry with Australian bag filter experts.. in November 2005, he designed the world's first 65t/h high temperature and high pressure circulation with coal, old tires and a small amount of material products as the mixed fuel by Teijin Sanyuan Office of Japan The bag filter of chemical bed boiler (coal, sawdust, old tire mixed fuel) has passed the review of Japanese experts and has been officially put into production. Outlet dust concentration ≤ 20mg/nm3. Shanxi Zuoquan Xinxing smelting plant silicon smelting electric furnace flue gas purification and dust removal, Shanxi Antai coking plant 4000m2 to 6000m2 large fire retardant explosion-proof pulse dust collector in the coke oven dust removal Chongqing Taiji Group Pharmaceutical Factory 20t/h-75t/h coal-fired boiler bag type dust removal system The main design of 660000 m3/h electric bag composite dust collector in the first sintering plant of Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and the overall design of 6000m2 large fire-resistant and explosion-proof pulse dust collector in Linyi Yehua coking plant of Shandong Jiangquan Group

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