Flying tower crane at a height of 600m is like fly

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Driving a tower crane at a height of 600 meters is like flying a plane

just after the night shift, and after 12 hours of "high altitude loneliness", 39 year old Zhou Yu finally returned to the ground from the 330 meter tower crane cab. He greeted the workers coming up and walked to the dormitory. Finally, someone could talk, which made him feel very comfortable. For 12 years, the tower crane he drove has become higher and higher, from the initial 100 meters to the upcoming challenge of 600 meters. Sitting in the 1.5 square meter cab, he can look around Jincheng. In loneliness, those unique landscapes are the biggest compensation for them

The 117 building is the tallest building under construction in China and the tallest building under construction in Tianjin. The main tower should be constructed to 597 meters. For such a high construction, the first problem that must be overcome is vertical transportation. Therefore, the project Department of 117 building of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau has installed two zsl2700 and two zsl1250 boom tower cranes, which can be called domestic giants, to transport raw materials and hoist steel components during the construction of the main tower. The driver class driving these "Big Macs" is composed of 12 people, working in groups of three. Each group has an experienced "old driver". Zhou Yu, who has 12 years of "driving experience", certainly belongs to the ranks of "teachers"

"after working for so many years, operation and high altitude are not problems. The most afraid thing in our industry is loneliness." In the 1.5 square meter operation room, the normal shift will stay for 6 hours and the night shift will stay for 12 hours. In addition to the hoisting command sound from the walkie talkie, the world in front of him is vast and empty. "I usually bring a small radio and listen to songs when I don't have work. I'm from Suqian, Jiangsu Province. I didn't like folk art at first, but after I came to Tianjin, I listened to cross talk on the radio every day, and I like Guo Degang best."

vibrate the steel ladder and climb it in five minutes.

stand at the construction site of building 117 undertaken by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, look up at the towering "giant", and under the giant arm stretched out at the top is the place where the tower crane driver works. For ordinary people, climbing a 300 meter tall building under construction is a very "challenging" thing, but in Zhou Yu's eyes, "that's not a thing.". In order to feel this stimulation personally, with the permission of the project department and good safety protection, Zhou Yu took her to the high-rise building

first, take the high-speed elevator. Two minutes later, we have reached a height of 200 meters. The wall facing the elevator is prominently marked with "35 floors". Although the elevator is very stable, the long-term goal is to build a leading enterprise and industrial cluster in the field of new materials through the railing. We can directly see the outside. As the height rises, our hearts tremble involuntarily. 200 meters up, we have to transfer to another construction elevator. The speed of this elevator obviously slowed down. It took us more than 4 minutes to reach the 63rd floor, the highest floor of the main construction of the building, with a height of 316.12 meters. But this is not the end of our trip. Zhou Yu asked us to look up. At the four corners of the top formwork platform, the upper end of more than ten meters is the raised "giant arm". Pushing open a door, Zhou Yu pointed to the steel stairs about one meter in front, "we have to climb the rest with our own hands and feet". Standing on the platform, you can feel the wind blowing, and the steel ladder in front of you will tremble slightly because of the wind. First of all, consider whether the installation is horizontal. Before we take the first step, our palms are full of sweat. "Now it is only more than ten meters away from the cab. This is because in the top formwork construction, the tower crane should be lifted first, 60 meters at a time, and then the main top formwork should be lifted. It takes several times. 2. The electric (pneumatic) safety protection equipment can 'catch up' with the height of the tower crane. Therefore, we have to climb up to 60 meters at most in the ordinary work. Now it is much shorter. At the present distance, I can go up in only 5 minutes." With that, Zhou Yu took good security, began to demonstrate, alternating his hands and feet, and soon went out for a few meters. Holding the ladder tightly with both hands, his feet also took the first step. With only one step, he shook badly, holding his hands tightly, but he felt it was difficult to continue. Zhou Yu said, "people without experience will be like this. At the beginning, I will be stiff when I get on the tower crane for the first time. Just get used to it."

The process of

5 minutes was extended by first-time practitioners like us for 15 minutes, and finally we entered the tower crane operation room of less than two square meters. "We have air conditioning here, which can control the temperature, but due to the small space, direct blowing is easy to catch a cold. In order to avoid the direct sunlight, we will have towels to make a simple curtain, and food and water will be brought up. In this way, in addition to going to the toilet and going down to the platform during work, other time will be waiting here." Zhou Yu's console looks simple. There are two operating levers, several buttons, and a display screen on the left and right. However, due to the high altitude, all three sides are transparent, which makes it feel like flying an airplane

the baptism of wind and rain also made my legs soft.

at this moment, the sunshine just left was blocked by a dark cloud, and it seemed to rain. "Can you work when it's windy and rainy? Is it dangerous at such a high place?" Hearing the questions, Zhou Yu seemed very indifferent. "If it is a strong wind of force six or above or bad weather, we must stop working, but the general light rain will not be affected. However, I have some experience. I used to work on a project in Nanjing. The tower crane was about 120 meters high, and suddenly there was a violent storm. I closed the doors and windows in the cab, and the wind kept blowing in my ears. Sitting in the cab was like sitting on a 'boat', swinging back and forth. Fortunately, there was no crane at that time When loading things, you can see the iron hook head weighing up to 2.3 tons shaking around, which is particularly dangerous. When the rain came down, I couldn't see anything in front of me. So until the rain stopped, I felt soft when I came out of the cab. " "Every month, we have to oil the boom. At that time, we have to get out of the cab, level the boom, walk on both feet with only a 50 cm wide strip of steel plate, hold the railing on one side with our right hand, and move slowly. That scene is more exciting than what you see in the movie."

high altitude hoisting workers are my "eyes"

today, more than 80 tons of components are to be hoisted. Zhou Yu told: "in fact, at our height, we can't see the lifted object at all. The whole process depends not on our eyes, but also on our ears. I should always follow the command of the tower crane signalman from the walkie talkie. 'up, down, left and right, how high is it?' he is my eyes, and my eyes locate it through the real-time data of the front electronic screen to understand the progress of the lifting." The driver and the signalman are a pair of "partners", and only through tacit cooperation can they complete the task safely and accurately. "We are most afraid to meet a person with a special accent. I can't understand some of the words spoken by a Sichuan man we came here some time ago. But in our experience, if we don't understand, we don't do anything. Safety is the first thing. Now we have run in well." As an old driver, experience is the greatest wealth. Zhou Yu's face was full of confidence. He said, "for large tonnage lifting objects, the new company has the opportunity to drive full power and pull up hard, so it is easy to shut down, and experienced drivers will choose to lift the hook and tower. Solvay, the global leader in high-performance polyamide materials, recently launched a new high-temperature resistant polyamide 6.6 (PA66) material TECHNYL reg with" smart "self reinforcing technology; The most suitable distance of the redx body and the minimum torque are selected, which is labor-saving and safe. "

sitting in the cab, listening to the radio, looking around Jincheng, you can see Tianta and Jinta in the distance. Leaning forward slightly, you can see a scene of more than ten square kilometers. Zhou Yu can't help taking photos in his spare time. At this height, the pictures he takes are "shocking". The sun is particularly bright in front of him. When night comes, he can count the stars. Although the tower crane driver's work is boring, he can see the scenery that others can't see. More importantly, the tall and magnificent buildings in this city have their own strength, and he feels proud from his heart

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