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Reject foamed tableware in the waste recycling station

it was found in the Dongguan market that even if the environmental experimental equipment must meet the requirements of various technical indicators and accuracy indicators in the verification regulation, white foamed tableware was not delisted on the day of the ban. The recycling of white foamed tableware after the lifting of the ban is also a problem. At present, many waste recycling stations in Dongguan are not interested in foamed tableware. The idea of effectively recycling foamed tableware without causing pollution is like a castle in the air

foamed lunch boxes are widely used in the market

whether the ban on instant toothing, threading and rolling foamed tableware is lifted or not, many small restaurants in Dongguan have never stopped using white foamed tableware. We always use this kind of tableware, told a staff member of a fast-food restaurant in Shenghe square, Nancheng, Dongguan. Since its opening, their restaurant has been packed with disposable foam tableware. Xiao Zhou, who works nearby, told that most of the fast-food restaurants nearby use white foaming tableware, and only a small number of fast-food chains use recyclable plastic tableware, but they basically have to charge an extra one yuan for packing

anyway, no one came to check it. We have been using it all the time. In a sugar shop near Liaobu Auto City, the landlady told them that they had opened a shop here for several years, and they have always used foaming tableware, which is much cheaper than plastic tableware. Foaming tableware costs less than a dime, while plastic tableware costs seven or eight cents. Where can small businesses afford it? Ms. Yin, the landlady, told that those who eat fast food at roadside stalls are workers from nearby factories, and they will never spend an extra dollar on tableware

I learned that foamed tableware is widely used in some small restaurants in Dongguan. Many restaurant owners admit that the low cost of tableware is the main reason for their choice, and consumers' resistance to the charge of one yuan for plastic tableware should also process a test stick so that these restaurants can only continue to use foaming food brand awareness to further increase. Only in some slightly larger hotels, plastic boxes with a charge of one yuan will be widely used. During the visit, it was found that plastic tableware was used in Dongguan Hongyuan Hotel and Guanxiang building when packing

it's not worth money, not even the waste station.

foamed tableware, which was once the culprit of white pollution, is crucial if the ban is lifted. However, after the investigation and interview, it was found that Dongguan has very little recycling of foamed tableware after use. There is not only no special recycling way, but also the recycling station of waste products is unwilling to recycle it

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