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Guangzhou new road sign luminous coating anti-theft anti "ringworm"

Guangzhou new road sign luminous coating can be used for stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degree peeling, 90 degree peeling experiments anti-theft anti "ringworm"

October 26, 2004

the newly installed road signs in Guangzhou passed the preliminary acceptance of the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs on October 21, and will be accepted by the Ministry of civil affairs at the end of the year. Because the new road sign has the functions of night light, anti-theft and anti "ringworm", it has been highly praised by experts

Often when the stress is lower than the yield limit and there is no obvious plastic deformation

it is worth mentioning that the new road sign adopts an octagonal pole, which is built into a good brand and has a good stress capacity. The surface of the new road sign adopts a special coating, which is not easy to be pasted with "psoriasis" except for its reflective function, which is easy to identify at night. In addition, the domestic new composite materials used in the road signs do not contain metal components, so they can also prevent theft and sale to a large extent

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