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Guangzhou military region promotes Liugong's armed work experience

guide the after-sales reading of the south new era testing machine: Recently, the national defense mobilization briefing hosted by the Guangzhou Military Region published an article entitled "adhere to the concept of rejuvenating enterprises and strengthening armed forces through military civilian integration, and promote armed work in the same frequency in the construction and development of enterprises", which is more than 2400 words long, and promotes Liugong's good work in grassroots armed work, which is beneficial to the environment and excellent experience. In the middle of last year

recently, 4. Fasteners made of malleable cast iron and cast steel, which are mainly used for scaffolds, derricks and formwork supports with a nominal outer diameter of 48.3mm and 51mm of steel pipes in construction projects, were published in the "national defense mobilization briefing" hosted by the Guangzhou Military Region, with a length of more than 2400 words, entitled "adhering to the concept of combining military and local areas to revitalize enterprises and strengthen military strength, and promoting armed work in the construction and development of enterprises at the same frequency", Promote the good practices and excellent experience of Liugong in the grass-roots armed work

when General Liang Guanglie, member of the Central Military Commission, State Councilor and Minister of national defense, visited Liu Gong last year to inspect the armed work, after listening to the report and watching the militia communication teaching performance, he spoke highly of Liu Gong's achievements in promoting the party's management of the armed forces, adhering to the direction of rejuvenating enterprises and strengthening the armed forces, giving play to the exemplary role of the militia and establishing a long-term mechanism for the development of armed work, And requested that this experience be publicized and popularized in the military region and throughout the country

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