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Guangzhou Huiqing launched linear mucus filling machine

linear mucus filling machine

Guangzhou Huiqing beverage packaging equipment Co., Ltd. produces LG · N10 linear mucus filling machine, which is suitable for all kinds of liquids with different viscosities (such as syrup, lactic acid, soy sauce, shijiancheng top 10 advantageous products industrial chain oil, industrial oil, shower gel, shampoo, liquid medicine, Baijiu, mineral water, etc.) and various capacities Filling of bottles with different shapes. The machine is composed of filling system, electrical system and conveying system. It has the following characteristics: the main material is made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and engineering plastics, and the target of 7-8% is put forward; The photoelectric encoder of the filling valve will have a pulse signal output. It is a pneumatic piston quantitative filling valve with advanced anti dripping device; The integrated design of machine, light and electricity, with an intuitive sample for reference, has a high degree of automation, and the automatic monitoring system can automatically monitor the operation of the machine to ensure the automation of operation; The bottle conveying device is made of engineering plastic and is a continuously variable transmission device. The bottle conveying belt can be adjusted according to the size of the bottle; The machine is equipped with a filling capacity adjustment device, which is adjusted according to the filling capacity

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