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Guangzhou International Beauty Expo has been full of surprises and business opportunities in the beauty industry

the 30th Guangzhou international beauty, hairdressing and cosmetics import and export Expo closed perfectly on March 11, with 2000 exhibitors and brands from 18 countries and regions gathered in the six exhibition halls of Pazhou Exhibition Hall. The exhibition has not been affected by the external economy, but can still create an encouraging number of buyers. The number of buyers who visited the three-day exhibition period reached 217119, up 7% from the previous (four-day exhibition period), of which domestic buyers accounted for 93% (60.2% of buyers came from Guangdong Province, 39.8% from other domestic cities and provinces), and overseas buyers accounted for 7% of the total

beauty products are still the spread of Guangzhou International Beauty Expo. There are leading enterprises in the industry such as Yi'an technology, Yinxi technology and HONGNA (Dongguan) new materials, and famous brand products from overseas and domestic are gathered here; In addition, daily chemical products are emerging, and the popularity of 9.2 hall has soared; Traditional Chinese medicine health care center is gradually taking shape, and traditional Chinese medicine culture has entered modern people's life here and gone to the world. The exhibition exceeded expectations in terms of crowds and on-site transaction negotiations. The successful market promotion of the organizer, coupled with the potential huge market of China's beauty and hairdressing cosmetics industry, has created a great surprise for the 30th Guangzhou International Beauty Expo. The positive comments made by exhibitors on the exhibition are worth sharing:

Ms. Huang Qiuxia - Marketing Manager of Guangzhou Okana cosmetics company

"our cosmetics conference has a good effect, and there are a lot of people, which greatly promotes the whole exhibition."

Ms. dujinjun - Sales Manager of Ningbo Yunwu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Province

"the environment of the exhibition hall has been greatly improved than in the past. Although the exhibition hall is a little far away from the urban area, the target customers will still come to find us."

Mr. Li Sirong, deputy general manager of Guangzhou kangbaisui Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

"the zoning in the exhibition hall is relatively systematic, which is a good trading platform, and we are very fruitful. The whole exhibition hall is magnificent and full of modern sense."

Mr. liutuping, deputy general manager of Bailey foreign bank

"Meibo is a good platform for brand promotion for us. This exhibition is more professional than before, and many of the visitors are professionals in the industry."

Pazhou new exhibition hall is getting better and better, and the on-site service quality of the exhibition has been greatly improved.

after two exhibitions, the majority of exhibitors and buyers have been familiar with and adapted to the environment of Pazhou Exhibition Hall. The grand and scientific space design of Pazhou Exhibition Hall makes the products in each exhibition area of the Expo wonderful in the best business environment. The six exhibition areas are clearly classified, and buyers have said, It's very easy to find your target product

the conference has a special rest area for exhibitors and VIP buyers, and a negotiation room for exhibitors in famous brand exhibition areas, striving to create an experiential, comfortable and loose business environment for all exhibitors and visitors, and achieve business opportunities in a relaxed conversation and laughter

international brands and exhibition groups gather in hall 10.3

famous products are gathered. The atmospheric hall 10.3 looks elegant and orderly. Exhibition groups from Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan and a number of international top brands from France, Germany, Japan, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Britain, the United States, Russia, Cyprus, Turkey and Vietnam have joined with great efforts, Display the latest international products and trends. With the full support of Singapore spa and Spa Wellness Association Singapore (SWAs), the Singapore government organized a delegation to participate in the Guangzhou International Beauty Expo for the first time, in order to promote the academic exchanges between spa professionals in the two places and jointly promote the development of spa industry in Asia

traditional Chinese medicine health care has regained its luster and entered the modern beauty industry in an all-round way.

the prestigious Dong'e Ejiao group has become the focus of the scene, and the traditional Chinese dietary nourishing brand has officially entered the beauty professional market; 3. The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean. The three main grain enterprises in Inner Mongolia, and the natural raw oatmeal rice of the grassland should be boiled and kept healthy all over the world; Bath world enterprise medicine bath health and heart, an endless stream of visitors; Hani health, from Yunnan, brought the essence of heaven and earth into the Beauty Expo. The Health Preservation Hall of traditional Chinese medicine has gradually taken shape and become a highlight of the exhibition

VIP buyer groups come from all regions of the country

the long-standing Guangzhou International Beauty Expo has widely invited professionals from hair salons inside and outside Guangdong Province, beauty 2, and the sample should be zigzagged on the curved core to visit the hospital; With the influence and drive of Guangdong hairdressing and cosmetics industry association, it set a new record, and called on more than 820 dealers and agents from Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Liaoning and northeast provinces to visit and purchase, and carefully arranged trade matching activities and a number of in place buyer services for specially selected VIP buyers

Mr. Li Linping - Taiyuan Aihui Trading Co., Ltd.

"this time we signed a good Swiss brand, hoping to bring us good income."

Mr. Quan Xiaojun - messon beauty and hairdressing products trading Co., Ltd.

"it's very good to see relatively medium and high-end hairdressing products and hairstyle shows. The hair salon has a brand concept. I hope to continue to attract foreign professional hairdressing brands, so that domestic dealers/salons can further understand foreign professional concepts."

Miss Zhang Mengjun Nanjing Mengjun cosmetics

"the image of the international brand museum is very high-end, and I feel very good. I hope more and better international brands will join in the future to improve the overall image and influence of the fair."

Miss Lu Yang Meizi Younai (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd.

"I think your idea of this matchmaking activity is good. It really takes a lot of time to finish such a large exhibition, and we don't know which products are really good. Through the matchmaking activity, we can know the category and nature of products before. Once we arrive at the exhibition, we can directly meet the person in charge, and have purposeful negotiations, which saves a lot of time and is much more efficient."

the demand for daily chemical products and hairdressing products surged

the daily chemical exhibition area was crowded with people and active transactions, which surprised the daily chemical manufacturers participating in the exhibition; The hairdressing product area is close to the hairdressing show stage and is popular. The organizer also said that in the future, a series of investment promotion and market promotion activities will be carried out in the field of daily chemicals and hairdressing to meet the growing demand of the market

special projects have been highly praised

colorful special projects are the traditional programs of Guangzhou International Beauty Expo. Guangzhou International Beauty Expo is not only a grand event of beauty products, but also the most authoritative wind vane of beauty trends in China and even Asia

glamorous hairstyle show, showing the true color of fashion trend

the stage of hairstyle show continued to be hot, and the four hairstyle shows were popular, with a total of about 3200 viewers. Toni guy's only professional brand label M Huayang hairstyle show, with perfect hairstyle design, overall modeling and on-site performance, has been chased by the majority of hairstylists; LK I: Contact visual impact hairstyle show, LK set from France. 2. Select some secondary fixture groups (Luis Kraemer) according to non-standard configuration or expanded configuration. Mr. Wang Guohua, the soul, and LK group's international creative team introduced the world's most fashionable hairstyle in 2009; Mingzi has a forward-looking creative mainstream, which enables the imagination of 09 dream to directly hit the trend wave, and Mingzi's elite team is dedicated; Beautiful China 2009 hairstyle color release, led by the most influential hairdresser in China, to create a hairdressing culture with Chinese characteristics

packaging design and forum area, improve the originality of Chinese brand image design

Jean Michel Hostal, brand and design director from France, the design and brand concept Seminar on the road to success is popular. Chinese packaging design colleagues are eager for the latest information from the international design community, improve the originality of packaging design, and improve the brand image; The seminar on brand management and crisis sales strategies co organized with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, which brought together experienced Hong Kong design professionals and brand management consultants to share with the industry how to practice the concept of brand in enterprises, was also widely welcomed

"fashion stage makeup color release" stage demonstration

fashion stage, the stage of Chinese fashion makeup release. Office oufeizi international makeup, catkin France Cartine beauty group and baozi baozi makeup all appeared here to release the makeup trend of the new season in 2009. The scene was gorgeous and charming, and visitors stopped to watch. The story of makeup and irresistible magic are all on the fashion stage of hall 9.2

industry elites gathered at the high-end cosmetics industry seminar

the "expansion of cosmetics franchise stores of the second China cosmetics development forum" jointly organized by cosmetics watch. It was difficult to find a person on the scene, and domestic first-line franchise enterprises and local important dealers participated in the discussion. The climax of the seminar was the awarding of several gold medal retail store awards at the welcome reception held by the organizer at Shangri La Hotel on the first day of the exhibition, To commend successful enterprises, among them, Guangzhou Guerlain Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Nanjing 100% women's Cosmetics Co., Ltd., love international chain enterprise Co., Ltd. and so on. The organizers are also very confident to build the development forum into an industry event. The welcome reception hosted more than 600 exhibitors and buyers, providing a high-profile and relaxed environment for them to communicate with each other and improve their business networks

on the second day of the exhibition, two high-end industry forums were held: the "new business model of chain franchise" seminar to jointly discuss the future development of franchise business in the cosmetics industry in terms of franchise business model, laws and regulations, successful cases and many other aspects. The "fashion Shenghui join hands with 2009" China washing and cosmetics channel debate widely invited famous washing and cosmetics enterprises and agents in the industry to debate on topics of concern. The atmosphere was warm and the audience participation was high

all about SPA Spa Beauty trend demonstration area, leading the new trend of the industry

upstart spa in the club industry is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Guangzhou International Beauty Expo has set up a delicate and warm spa demonstration area in the center of hall 10.3. Dr. Zhao chenxiuzhen, chairman of the Singapore spa and health care association, and Ms. shaman, a senior spa expert, shared the global spa trend and the way to win spa retail with the industry; International well-known spa brands Pevonia, historian, Bioline, Matis and Janssen successively presented wonderful on-site spa demonstrations to show the latest spa products, trends and cutting-edge technologies

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