Analysis on the development and prediction of the

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Analysis of the development and prediction of the domestic and foreign coating industry chain

analysis of the development and prediction of the domestic and foreign coating industry chain

November 10, 2020

I. summary of the economic operation of the industry in the past

in 2020, the sudden COVID-19 swept over, and a blocking war for epidemic prevention and control began in all respects in China. Facing the main battle of global epidemic prevention and control, the pace of the coating industry is also undergoing a more severe test. In 2020, the China Coatings Industry Association will further strengthen its work with the Ministry of ecological protection, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions on the formulation of policies, regulations and standards, focusing on industry hot issues such as enterprise environment, grading policies, hazardous waste work, so as to refine policies and measures, and while undertaking the formulation of green product standards by the Ministry of industry and information technology, accelerate the formulation of industry national standards, and coexist with the development of industry standardization, So as to promote the development of high-quality coatings in the industry

in the past year, under the complex external environment, China's economic development remained at a high level, various social hot issues emerged in endlessly, and the coating industry was undergoing a profound transformation, with both development and success, as well as stagnation and decline

in the past year, various medium and long-term plans have been issued in China, and the strategy is clear, that is to say, "accelerating the transformation of development mode and taking the innovation driven development path" has become the top priority. The development of emerging industries in China is in the ascendant, with broad prospects. Energy and chemical engineering are advancing steadily. The development and industrialization of new energy technologies have become the focus of the chemical system. A large number of new materials such as engineering plastics have developed rapidly. The world chemical industry feels that pressure and opportunity coexist

the national coating industry is striving to turn from "big" to "strong". Water based coatings is still the focus of the industry. Although the development is slow due to various reasons and environmental impact, the development direction of "water-based" is more clear than before

as the coating industry is a branch of the petrochemical industry, in terms of economic data, the total output of China's anti-corrosion coating reached more than 4.5 million tons in 2018. By 2019, the total output of China's anti-corrosion coating increased to 5.35 million tons, an increase of nearly 18 percentage points compared with the previous year, accounting for about 23% of the total domestic coating output. The development of anticorrosive coating industry in China is still improving. Progress is being optimized, efficiency is also improving, operation quality is also improving, and the market is basically stable

II. The concept of domestic coating industry chain has actually been carried out abroad many years ago. In order to realize profit optimization, market monopoly and regional hegemony, some large and medium-sized enterprises in developed countries have begun to combine various industrial departments in the same industry to form a system from raw material supply, original design to production and preparation, sales and operation to after-sales service and technical improvement, Technology innovation and R & D integrated group. The purpose is to integrate all the keys in the industry to form a strong capital market technology closely linked in an all-round way, continuously improve and improve each other, give full play to the comprehensive advantages, and realize the possible problems and difficulties in the development, protection and unification of the industry

in the whole coating industry chain, the upstream is the raw material market, the downstream is the product demand market, and the midstream is our coating industry

the impact of upstream raw materials on the industry is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, the stability of production scale affects the stability of raw material supply in the coating industry; Second, the price of raw materials affects the production cost of coatings

from the downstream product market, coatings are mainly supporting products in real estate, automobile, shipbuilding, furniture and other industries. The influence of the product market on the coating industry is mainly reflected in the market scale and development trend of the coating industry

then the operational amplifier is destroyed

data show that the coating industry and upstream and downstream industries have seen overall growth in recent years. 2019 data show that in 2018, China produced 1.76 million tons of thermosetting powder coatings, up 9.7% from 1.605 million tons in 2017, accounting for 10% of the total coating volume of 17.598 million tons

the upstream and downstream industry chains of the coating industry have a trend of integration. The upstream of the industrial chain is the raw material market, and the downstream is the application side and end consumers. According to the current trend, coating enterprises can obtain stable raw material supply by cooperating with upstream raw material enterprises. Cooperating with downstream enterprises can promote product application and achieve win-win results. The trend of upstream and downstream industry integration is gradually strengthening

the development and innovation of any link will bring hope, light and future to the whole chain. However, if any link (enterprise) plays a bad role in the chain, it will also affect the survival, reputation and future of the whole chain. Together, we can form an overwhelming force

III. Foreign coating trends

most of the internationally famous coating chain enterprises have entered China. Whether it is raw material suppliers and famous paint manufacturers, various international brands, whether it is the effect of construction computers, which can be summed up, including the collection, transmission, reaction, analysis, display and printing of test data, paint or marine paint can be seen in the Chinese market. A considerable part of them occupy more than 70% of the Chinese market, and a large amount of RMB flows into the pockets of the bosses of these foreign manufacturers. A war called "economic aggression" is going on in the Chinese paint market without smoke of gunpowder. When can China's national chemical industry turn from a "manufacturing power" to a real coating power

these large coating foreign businessmen have tangible or intangible industrial chains behind them, supporting their products. They rely on advertising and Chinese people's worship of foreign countries and even individual blind worship to eat Chinese large enterprises step by step. China Resources and red lion are the best examples. Chinese people have operated famous brands and huge market share for decades. Overnight, they were swallowed up by a purchase contract, and tens of thousands of old Chinese painters became wage earners under foreign bosses

the industrial chain of foreign coating industry has a foundation and experience. Its internal rules of game have been very strict and orderly after decades of training. The concept of common interest and the concept of equality before the law are much stronger than ours

therefore, it is necessary for us to clean up the cooperative relationship between the companies in their contact chart 1

on the other hand, because the technology of a single foreign enterprise (company) is the strongest in the world, after it forms an industrial chain, its strength and competitiveness are also very strong. For the common interests, they will work together to restrict Chinese enterprises. "This raw material is a unique product of the company and will not be sold out", "confidential" repeated several times can release the air in the oil system, "top secret" and so on to block China or at high prices High profits to rob the Chinese of money

we should clearly see that the foreign coating industry pays attention to and invests in new technologies. In order to stay ahead of the world industry forever, they also spend a lot of human and financial resources on the development of high-tech and high-tech products

they pay attention to biology, genetics and pathology, combine organic, inorganic, physicochemical, polymer, electrochemistry and anatomy in coating science with a variety of scientific disciplines, and spare no effort to develop new materials such as pollution prevention and improving the service life of coatings. In many military aspects, special coatings are developed in strict confidentiality

in a word, we learn a lot from foreign coatings, which is also very difficult, and the gap between China and foreign countries is also very large. We recognize this fact, but we should work together to change this situation. The Chinese people are ambitious, and the Chinese coating people are more ambitious, and will definitely stand in the forest of the coating industry in the world

IV. conclusion

from the economic analysis, combined with the gap between Chinese and foreign coatings, we should almost see our own weaknesses and gaps. But this is not terrible. What is terrible is the lack of a leadership core that can really lead the industry to work hard, become stronger and stronger, and not controlled by money and private interests. To do a good job in China's coating industry chain, we can only rely on the enterprise itself, long-term integrity cooperation, hard work with the same goal, honesty, selflessness and ambition to take the world as our own responsibility. We believe that its prospects are bright, but at the same time it is full of difficulties. Where there is a will, there is a way. For the whole national chemical industry and our beloved coating industry, let's work together to create the future and meet the success and growth of the coating industry chain all over the country

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