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Guangzhou Metro Line 6 phase II shield successfully crossed the Gushi group

Guangzhou Metro Line 6 used electricity and innovation to drive their car line. Phase II shield successfully crossed the Gushi group

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it was learned from Guangzhou metro company that after 20 months of efforts by the subway builders, the cutter head of the shield machine on the right line of the "Luogang Suyuan" section of line 6 phase II slowly broke through the hole at the west end of Suyuan station. So far, The "Luogang Suyuan" section of the second phase of line 6, which is the most difficult to "bite", realizes the double line connection of the tunnel. Up to now, 8 of the 10 sections of line 6 phase II have achieved double track connection, and 77% of the civil works have been completed

it is reported that the construction of the "Luogang Suyuan" section was officially started in March 2012. The line passes through a large number of important buildings and pipelines, and the whole section is in complex strata such as boulder development, bedrock bulge, water rich sand layer, upper soft and lower hard, and boulder bedrock composite. In the construction and implementation of the project, it can be called "the most difficult and geologically complex section of line 6 phase II project"

in view of the current situation of boulder development, after many discussions, the metro company finally determined the boulder treatment scheme of "ground drilling and fixed-point blasting, supplemented by tunnel treatment". During the construction process, measures such as strengthening geological prediction and judgment along the line, strengthening shield machine patrol inspection and forced maintenance, improving the properties of ballast soil, improving its fluidity and water tightness, and frequently checking and changing cutting tools have been taken to provide guarantee for the treatment of boulders. At the same time, the ground monitoring was strengthened and the ground settlement was tracked in time to ensure the safety of buildings along the line during the construction period

up to now, 77% of the second phase civil engineering of line 6 has been completed. In the zigzag test of 10 stations, 7 (Longdong, Kemu long, gaotangshi, Huangpi, Jinfeng, siegang and Luogang stations) have their main structures capped, and 3 (botanical garden, Suyuan and Xiangxue stations) have their civil works constructed. Among the 10 sections, 8 have achieved double line connection, and the civil construction of the entrance and exit line of Luogang depot; A total of 3 shield machines are driving

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