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Guangzhou smart manufacturing Seminar: Internet, big data, artificial intelligence break traditional industry boundaries

on April 17, the Guangzhou smart manufacturing seminar, guided by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology and co sponsored by China Merchants Bank Guangzhou Branch, Guangdong private entrepreneurship College of South China University of Technology and Yuexi academy, was held in Yuexi Academy of Baiyun Mountain on the afternoon of April 17 (Wednesday)

jiangzhitao, director of Guangzhou Bureau of industry and information technology, said that at present, Internet, big data and artificial intelligence have become the driving forces to promote the new industrial revolution. The development and application of intelligent manufacturing is an innovative process of evolving technology and engineering. 8 the conclusion will also be a process of promoting the transformation of manufacturing industry and even the whole economy. In this process, Jiggid, Secretary of state of the Ministry of mines, said: "The field of economic cooperation between China and Mongolia is becoming wider and wider, and the boundaries of traditional industries will be broken, and new production, operation and service modes will emerge. We need extensive cooperation to meet such challenges. We need not only interdisciplinary research and development cooperation, enterprise cooperation across industries where 25.9% of the bridges in the United States have various problems, but also cooperation between colleges and universities, industry, finance and Deputy government.

at the seminar salon, the director of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology And the president of China Merchants Bank Guangzhou Branch delivered speeches from the perspective of government support and financial support. The four guests shared their experience and thinking in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and interacted with the guests on the scene. In the interactive session, entrepreneurs shared their experiences and puzzles in the process of intelligent manufacturing, which were also answered one by one by the on-site guests

Guangzhou is a pilot demonstration city of "made in China 2025". Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology has always taken the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of the city's industrial transformation and upgrading. By establishing a policy system, accelerating the cultivation of markets, and promoting the mutual promotion of production and demand, it supports manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the improvement of high-end, intensive, intelligent, and green development levels. At present, Guangzhou intelligent manufacturers will invest a lot in packaging machinery, and the manufacturing industry has begun to take shape, forming an industrial system covering upstream key parts, midstream robot body, downstream system integration, independent development, and a relatively complete industrial chain. Guangzhou is taking solid steps towards intelligent manufacturing

Zhong Desheng, President of Guangzhou Branch of China Merchants Bank, believes that the industry is changing, and the corresponding financial services should also be scientific and intelligent. On February 18, the outline of the development plan of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay area was officially announced. As a commercial bank rooted in the core area of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay area, China Merchants Bank actively responded to the strategy, actively integrated into the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay area through product and service innovation, and promoted the coordinated development of regional economy. China Merchants Bank takes fintech as the core power of transformation, focuses on the layout of fintech, accelerates the building of digital CMB, takes "fintech bank" as the new goal, and makes every effort to build "the best customer experience bank". "In terms of investment in fintech, in 2018, we approved 1% (2.21 billion yuan) of the pre tax profit of the previous year, and specially set up a fintech innovation project fund. In the future, the investment in fintech will continue to increase."

it is understood that China Merchants Bank has put forward the goal of "focusing on the construction of five basic capabilities such as mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain", providing the best financial service experience of "financing + intelligence + financier" for new kinetic energy industries, including intelligent manufacturing, by embedding them into the industrial chain, so as to ensure that where customers are and where CMB's services are

this salon is the first phase of the "2019 Guangzhou private entrepreneur salon series activities" under the guidance of the Municipal Information Bureau. It is reported that similar activities with different themes will be held regularly thereafter to provide intelligent support and practical guidance for the development of related industries in Guangzhou through platform building, viewpoint collision and ideological confrontation

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