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Guangzhou local tax 12366 provides all day self-service for tax payment

yesterday, it was learned from Guangzhou local tax bureau that the local tax window service is responsible for the tax collection and management of more than 600000 taxpayers, 340000 payment units and 440000 flexible employees in Guangzhou. In order to ensure the speed of tax handling, the local tax has opened a 24-hour self-service tax service hall, and citizens can file tax at the self-service tax service hall at any time throughout the day, Queue up at the window for no more than 10 minutes. If citizens have questions, they can also call 12366 to pay taxes and enjoy all day self-service

the queue at the citizen's window is no more than 10 minutes

a few days ago, the large-scale public opinion survey report of "2010 public evaluation of public services of local governments in Guangdong Province" by the provincial investigation and Research Center showed that the satisfaction of window services of the Local Taxation Bureau ranked first. "One place solved four things for me! I consulted about tax issues here, entered the invoice number, participated in the invoice lottery, paid the vehicle and vessel tax in 2011, and inquired the details of personal income tax in 2010. The whole process is less than 15 minutes!" Yesterday, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Guangzhou, told in the 24-hour self-service tax office

from January, 2010, the 24-hour self-service tax service hall has been opened by the Municipal Local Tax Bureau, and citizens can file tax returns at the self-service tax service hall at any time. The self-service tax office integrates the functions of self-service tax, tax related inquiry, consultation and counseling, prosecution and complaint, invoice identification and prize cashing, and provides taxpayers with 24-hour self-service reporting, self-service tax payment, self-service inquiry, self-service printing and other services. In Tianhe District Local Tax Service Hall, we can see that the whole tax service hall is in good order, and there are all kinds of sexual facilities such as self-service newspaper computers, call machines, lounge chairs and so on. The average time for window staff to provide services to taxpayers is less than 6 minutes, and the waiting time of business households is not more than 10 minutes. The relevant person in charge said that the Tax Service Office of the unified planning of Guangzhou local tax implemented "one-stop" and "one window" services for tax related matters, and implemented personalized measures such as tax registration form exemption, secondary priority, delayed service and uninterrupted service at noon

It is reported that in the past two years, the Municipal Local Tax Bureau has implemented "all in one city" tax registration, and the processing time of many tax businesses has been significantly shortened. Among them, the time limit for more than 30 business processes, such as the issuance of business certificates and cross district changes, has been shortened from the original 10 to 30 days to complete today

it is understood that at present, more than 90% of taxpayers in Guangzhou declare and pay taxes through electronic means, and citizens can easily handle taxes without leaving home. The English version of Guangzhou local tax station has been opened. At present, the total number of visits is more than 100million, and the average daily number of visits is more than 60000, ranking second among local tax stations in the country. The 24-hour self-service tax service hall provides taxpayers with self-service services such as declaration and tax payment, document acceptance and query, and voucher printing all day long, At the same time, self-service tax payment equipment such as "Haoyi", "e-routong" and "jiaofeiyi" are set up in all traffic arteries and crowded areas in the urban area to facilitate tax payment

12366 tax payment provides all day self-service

yesterday, in Guangzhou local tax 12366 customer call service platform, I personally experienced the whole process of synchronously monitoring the consultant service. A woman asked through 12366 tax service, "when issuing an invoice and affixing the special seal for invoice, if the seal is not clear or the seal direction is wrong, can it be affixed again? Is the invoice still valid?" Consultant No. 6 answered skillfully: "Hello, according to the regulations, when issuing the invoice for the exhibition of the new high barrier flexible packaging film made by Italian metalvuoto company using Ingeo materials, the number of items filled in must be complete, the content is true, the handwriting is clear, all copies are copied and printed at one time, the content is completely consistent, and the financial seal or invoice of the unit must be stamped on the invoice sheet and the deduction sheet Special seal. " Taijiang section chief of Guangzhou Local Taxation 12366 consulting told that the 12366 customer call service platform has the functions of automatic voice, manual consultation, voice mailbox, fax transmission and so on. It has 150 service lines and provides self-service throughout the day

600 tax service volunteer team of professionals

learned that the Municipal Local tax also set up a tax related petition complaint window to centrally accept taxpayers' calls, letters, visits and other petitions and complaints. In 2010, the handling rate of petitions and complaints reached 100%. A total of 20 interview points were set up at the urban level, and a tax service volunteer team composed of more than 600 certified public accountants, certified tax agents, lawyers and college finance and taxation teachers and students was established, It provides tax assistance services such as counseling and rights appeals for groups with special difficulties. At present, the total service time is more than 15000 hours. Ocean

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