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Guangzhou Petrochemical uses new instruments to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase

"master Chen, today you are in charge of the 'BMW' analysis project. You should warm up early. There are three sets of devices

requiring environmental protection sampling analysis. The task is not small and the extremely high data shows stability."

"no problem, there is' how much color masterbatch is added to the feeder at a fixed speed depends on the plasticizing time horse '. Don't worry, just sample back early."

on February 20, at the morning shift handover meeting of the water quality shift in laboratory 2 of Guangzhou Petrochemical inspection center, the monitor Lu Qiyun explained the work tasks to the technical director Chen Xiaoping. Because the temperature is 25 ℃, the team is short of manpower. In the past, when multiple sets of devices were added for sample analysis, Lu Qiyun was often busy, and had to work overtime for detailed calculation and analysis

in recent years, with the continuous improvement of national environmental emission standards for enterprises, the task of water quality monitoring of inspection centers has become increasingly important. In order to meet the requirements of the new situation, improve the analysis efficiency and reduce the labor intensity, the company has introduced three automatic intermittent micro reaction analyzers, which are used to determine the ammonia nitrogen, phosphate, iron ion, zinc ion, alkalinity and other important environmental protection project indicators in the water quality in the plant

the appearance of the automatic intermittent chemical analyzer is like a miniature sports car. It is like a robot, which completely replaces manual operation. Because of its high analysis efficiency and speed, it is praised as "BMW" by employees

the automatic intermittent micro reaction analyzer adopts micro reaction. The amount of chemical reagents and samples are calculated in microliters, and its dosage is less than 10% of the traditional one. The automatic intermittent micro reaction analyzer has the advantages of good stability, high analysis accuracy, fast analysis speed and large sample processing capacity. It not only has a higher working efficiency than the conventional method, but also effectively reduces the analysis cost. According to statistics, if each index is calculated by 100 water samples per day, the reagent cost can be saved by about 600 yuan per day and about 200000 yuan per year

(Huang Min, Qinglin, Chunfeng)

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