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Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition opened in August

most domestic paper packaging production equipment is still at the medium and low level. In the face of huge market opportunities, some large packaging and printing factory owners should import foreign advanced printing equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality. Therefore, for most printing and packaging equipment factories, the continuous upgrading and improvement of the industry will find market opportunities, which requires more consultation with peers and learning from other countries' advanced packaging and printing equipment technology, and Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition is such a platform

at the 10th Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition held by poly World Trade Expo in Pazhou, Guangzhou on August, 2013, pulp and paper machinery, accessories, auxiliary equipment, paper processing, printing and packaging equipment and household paper related equipment will be displayed, among which paper packaging and printing equipment will be one of the key display products. At the same time, the organizers of this exhibition will mainly invite buyers from Asia, the Middle East and Africa with the most development potential, such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, to visit and purchase. At that time, you can carry out business negotiations and establish cooperation opportunities with professional buyers from all over the world

experts believe that at present, China's packaging and printing factories generally have a low profit business situation, which restricts the pace of technological transformation of paper packaging production, so that the vast majority of small and medium-sized packaging and printing factories have low production efficiency, helmet impact resistance testing machine operation steps, product quality is difficult to improve, and cannot meet the needs of market development. At present, China needs to develop various production equipment with high precision, high performance and wide adaptability suitable for paper packaging production. On the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, we should constantly study new technologies and processes, and vigorously develop production equipment with multiple varieties, specifications and wide adaptability

the pre registration service at the 10th Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition has been launched, with an appointment to visit in advance and surprise gifts on site. In the current global pattern of plastic machines, it is expected that more than 300 enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions will participate, and the number of visitors is expected to exceed 15000

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