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Analysis on the development advantages and disadvantages of paint dealers (I)

analysis on the development advantages and disadvantages of paint dealers (I)

September 29, 2014

[China paint information] paint dealers and distributors, as the pioneer of paint enterprises to explore the market, play a vital role in the development of the market of paint enterprises. The author recently attended the dealer conference of a paint enterprise in Chengdu, For paint dealers and distributors who are at the forefront of the paint market, I will share some insights with you only

paint dealers refer to businessmen who purchase from paint enterprises. They never buy paint for their own use, but sell it from hand to hand. They only sell it after hand, and they pay attention to the interest margin, not the actual price. Paint enterprises do not sell paint dealers on credit, but receive money

mom and pop stores

at present, most paint dealers and distributors are still dominated by mom and pop stores, which is a model that cannot be changed by the current paint industry. The husband and wife store is to remove the two husband and wife, and there is no third person in the store. Generally, the wife stays behind to watch the store, and the husband goes out to develop customers. There is no good or bad model of mom and pop stores. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, the model of mom and pop stores is the biggest reason to save costs. With the expansion of the scale of stores, the form of mom and pop stores obviously can't keep up with the development, which will lead to business failure

the author analyzes some advantages and disadvantages of the business form of mom and pop stores


know yourself and the enemy, and cooperate without separation

nowadays, many people remind Entrepreneurs: "it's difficult to do business in partnership", "don't partner with others in business", and there are many examples of mutual opposition in partnership and entrepreneurship in life. What does this mean? The integrity of both parties is not enough, and they are not modest in the face of interests. "Mom and pop shop" generally does not appear such a situation - husband and wife know each other, understand each other, less intrigues between each other; When two people jointly run their own stores, there is generally no contradiction in the distribution of interests; The two sides have differences in business, and they can solve it after going home and discussing it behind closed doors. Even if there is no big quarrel, it is at best a quarrel between husband and wife, "quarrel at the head of the bed and close at the end of the bed", which is not a big problem

once the husband and wife start their own business, they often think and work together, and generally there will be no major differences in business philosophy and methods. This is crucial for the start-up and future development of entrepreneurship. The two sides have done a good job of division of labor, performed their respective duties, helped each other and reminded each other, how can entrepreneurship not succeed

husband and wife go to battle together, saving labor and effort

nowadays, many mom and pop stores are basically husband and wife go to battle together, taking turns to see business. Basically, there is no need to spend money to hire people for small businesses, which saves time and effort, and also saves some operating costs. Compared with other stores, the advantages are obvious for readers in the industry. Of course, the advantages of "Mom and pop store" are obvious, but the secret of opening "Mom and pop store" still needs to be paid attention to


chaotic management

first of all, the boss is not the boss! The mom and pop store is not managed. The wife the final say, and the husband or the wife the final say! Everything goes well with family! This has led many paint manufacturers to train their sister-in-law adults in public relations paint retail stores as an important skill, which has become a situation of "who is in charge of public relations!"

secondly, inventory is not inventory! What's that? That's money! After the paint couple is completed, they will focus on the systematic research shop in the field of lightweight carbon fiber composites for automobiles, using science and technology. Goods are money, money is goods, and there is no need to divide them clearly, of course, there is no clear distinction! Inventory twice a year, once at the beginning of the year, which was not refunded last year; Once at the end of the year, to return goods to wholesalers at the end of the year, don't forget

in addition, the shelves are placed. The wife just counts the money and doesn't care about the goods. The husband just makes money and doesn't have time to take care of the goods. There are no other helpers. As a result, many mom and pop stores are disorderly, neatly arranged and stacked one variety after another. When they are sold out, they can be seen, and then they can be seen! The mainstream is not used to managing inventory

third, accounts are not accounts! You say no account, you can't cheat the benefits of any mom and pop shop, because the husband and wife must have a brain that works well in recording, but they don't need the account book, and they all use the brain. In fact, this has something to do with their birth. They are all smart people who start business, and those who don't understand agricultural supplies can't do business. It is a reality that business is small and there are not many accounts. Of course, many people don't understand the truth that "if you don't set up accounts and ignore accounts, business will never grow up"

poor risk resistance

the current market competition is the era of big fish eating small fish, fast fish eating slow fish. The small ones are the passive ones. There are many staff in large township stores, advanced management, advanced marketing ideas, wide sales range, it is easy to make products, and activities are also a success. This is a great pressure for mom and pop stores that share the same piece of cake, and they are likely to be squeezed or dragged to death in the end, Failure to surrender now does not mean victory in the future

corporate management

in the fierce market competition, hard training and strengthening self store management is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of business. Why should we specifically mention the transformation of mom and pop stores to corporate operations? This is the inevitable trend of market development. Mom and pop stores are easy to form a one-man shop. Due to the small number of staff, everyone the final say. Emotional factors account for a large proportion in the decision-making of many things, which seriously restricts the development of the store. Corporate management has achieved the division of work, clear responsibilities and rights, and significantly improved efficiency

whether a store is a husband and wife store or a corporate operation, the evaluation standard is not the size of the store, but whether the store has clear business objectives, good colleague relations, systematic training system and standardized purchase, sales and inventory management system, as well as competitive salary system and employee promotion standards. I know a boss. He told his employees that I need millions of assets now. In fact, it doesn't matter whether I open this store or not. The purpose of opening this store is for you to have a job opportunity, otherwise I would have closed this store long ago. This is a typical performance without business objectives. Saying such words will give employees a great sense of frustration and seriously hit their work enthusiasm

the boss must have the courage to change and know how to make good use of professional managers to give them great power and trust in the successful transformation of the husband and wife store to corporate management. Only by understanding the division of labor and authorization can we really stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, so that everyone can maximize their personal strengths, and make the best use of their talents. Of course, it is a painful and long-term process to change from a mom and pop store to a corporate operation, which requires the boss to unswervingly implement. First, determine the business objectives of the store, then instill this objective into the hearts of every employee, and decompose the objectives into each employee, so that they have both awareness and teamwork awareness. When it comes to employee management, we have to mention the recruitment, assessment, training and management of employees in the process of transformation, that is, the selection, education, employment and retention that human resources personnel often talk about

at the stage of employee selection, people with strong ability must be the ones they need under different conditions, and the key to material selection is Appropriateness. After an employee comes to the store, his ability improvement mainly depends on the training system of the store. The training here is not just as simple as giving lessons to employees. The effect of one-on-one help coaching is much more significant than centralized lectures. Cultivating employees by system is much more cost-effective and safe than recruiting people with high salaries from outside. As for employment and retention, it is mainly related to the salary assessment system and incentive mechanism of the store. The core point is to meet the different needs of different people. Employee management is a great knowledge. In the years when I was responsible for the training of terminal store personnel, the average length of service of shopping guides for many products was no more than half a year. The serious shortage of salespersons was a common pain of the whole industry. Of course, I also found that after some excellent bosses fully authorized the store, professional managers brought changes to the store business, which is a trend

there are many problems in corporate management. Whether you can trust the professional managers you employ is a worry for many bosses. Those with insufficient ability are afraid that what they do is not as good as themselves, and those with good ability are afraid of being poached by others. In fact, to be a boss, you need to understand that it is better to retain people with money than culture. Your attitude towards life and work affects everyone around you. Many bosses have created a very good cultural atmosphere in their companies, and all employees are willing to follow you, so the slogans in the office, the slogans in the morning meeting and the speeches in the journal should be highly unified. If you want to build a tiger wolf teacher or a gentle team, you need to rely on the infiltration and influence accumulated over time

oiler carpenter management

with the development of the retail market of the coating industry, oiler carpenters have not played a decisive role in many first and second tier cities, but paint dealers and distributors still have to rely on the construction of the master to complete the final decorative effect. Before the owner buys, the word of the master may change the owner's purchase direction. Under the premise of the unspoken rules of the industry, in order to make the store free of survival pressure and more profitable, it is necessary to maintain more loyal and effective oilers, reduce their liquidity, and achieve a mutually beneficial partnership. It is necessary to maintain oilers in an incentive way at an appropriate time, because a well connected and popular oiler foreman brings sales that are not less than the annual purchase volume of a distributor

painters and contractors must be behind in the hydraulic test 24 hours after the completion of bonding installation. Most of them are engaged in construction related industries, civil engineering contractors, civil engineering construction management personnel, or people who directly operate wall coating, painting and other projects. Painters and contractors are the main groups that drive the consumption of end users, and they are also the objects that paint dealers and distributors need to focus on cooperating with

the mentality of oilers:

all have rebate psychology and are used to it, but the weight is different. A considerable number of oilers have no long-term plan to be oilers, and their skills are not good. They make a living by entrapping customers to get high rebates. They can get a little, a little. In addition, many oilers are beginning to realize the harm of odorous paint to their own bodies, and can appeal to them for the environmental protection performance of Zhuang Dian paint products

how do painters do paint business

most oil carpenters are outsiders, without any guarantee and lack a sense of belonging. For this, we should maintain a state of understanding and unity and form a system

purchase method:

a small part is labor and materials, and the owner fully entrusts the labor contractor to purchase

most of them are brought by the oiler to the market for purchase, or the oiler will bill (oneortwo brands will be recommended) and the owner will buy them in the market by himself

development strategy:

all workers

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