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Magrath High School recently announced the retirement of their current principal, Brad Sabey, who will be leaving his position at the end of this school term. Vice-principal Russ Sommerfeldt applied and was accepted to the principalship and will begin in the fall of 202131 per cent o.

Born and raised in Cardston, Mr. Sommerfeldt began his teaching career in a temporary position at the Cardston High School. However, he has enjoyed living with his family in Magrath for the last seven years since finding permanent employment there. “I love the people here” he shares, “this is a close knit community, and with a young family it has been a great place to raise my own kids.” Working at Magrath School has been enjoyable for Sommerfeldt who says the staff there are “second to none, people who care about helping kids. We are united as a staff about how to move forward in the same direction which makes life a lot more funOntario works to create more critical care beds in hospitals as COVID-19 cases soar; Ottawa and Air Canada settle on an aid package - Today News Post.”

Teaching was an attractive career option for Sommerfedlt because it is “a good way to make a difference in the youth of tomorrow’s lives.” He finds that teaching is “a rewarding endeavor, helping young people meet their full potential.” Magrath High School has provided a good opportunity to pivot his career to include administration. After recently completing his Masters with a focus on integrating technology in the K-12 classroom, an opportunity came up to move into the vice-principal position. He says “I’m not one to sit around and watch, I like to be involved and try to make a difference if I can.” His Masters has been increasingly relevant due to the unforeseen pandemic and allowed him to assist other teachers at the school in these “turbulent times.”

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At Magrath High School, Sommerfeldt hopes to continue creating an “environment where students can learn to meet their potential in this ever-changing world.” He notes that “it is becoming increasingly complex and we need to adapt to these changes the best we can to allow students to have authentic learning opportunities.” Sommerfeldt’s goals for the school in 2021 is to “help kids become better problem solvers, creative and critical thinkers, and offer many opportunities for growth so kids are prepared for a job that doesn’t exist yetIt was wild. Every 40-something I knew was getting on pharmacy websites trying to get a spot,, cause that’s what we are looking towards in the 21st century.”

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