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Transparent film labels have become the trend of cosmetic labels

for most manufacturers, the real labels are those without labels, or those that cannot be seen from the appearance. This is the very popular transparent labels at present. Transparent labels can show the internal products, and consumers have more confidence in choosing when buying. Consumer preference is one of the main driving forces of transparent labels. The second is to change the matrix material. Ordinary copper strips are processed into special-shaped copper strips with thick middle and thin sides, especially thin films. The stability, printability and transparency of film thickness have been greatly improved in recent years. Processors can print more vivid graphics and provide stronger label products

among many improvements, the most important one is that polyolefin films are more widely used. Polyolefin film has better performance than styrene or vinyl film. Olefin films, especially polypropylene films, have obvious advantages in transparency, firmness, function and thickness. As the film quality is more stable, the printing effect is more balanced. Film processors hope to improve the quality of their products by using special films. Some olefin film applications require different coatings in different fields, but the manufacturer's R & D focus is still on universal products. The printing thickness of olefin products is thinner than that of ordinary films, which can reduce the presence of labels in design. Some manufacturers are trying to reduce the film thickness from 2 mils to 1 mils

today's films can not only provide higher quality printing surface, but also have stronger compatibility with contents. Transparent labels are increasingly used in personal care and cosmetics. They will experience severe environmental tests, such as humid and muggy bathroom environments. Therefore, compatibility is very important

process progress

the following are some common photo labels of special engineering plastics. The more beautiful labels do not only benefit from better matrix materials. If you ask a processor, he will tell you that the printing process is also very important, especially flexo printing, which also greatly improves the appearance of labels. At present, the product quality of printers is unimaginable in the industry a few years ago. Due to the improvement of pre press, printing and post press technologies, the quality of printing is becoming more and more stable

the technical progress in all aspects is helpful to the popularization of labels, and these advances are to meet the manufacturers' demand for more distinctive and high-quality label patterns. Each product makes the best use of the patterns and colors on the label to attract consumers. Flexo printing gives labels some effect that only printing can achieve before. Flexographic printing could not reach the touch effect at first, but later, due to the use of UV curing technology, the ink became heavier, so it achieved a similar effect as printing labels. At present, many cosmetic manufacturers prefer this kind of ultraviolet printing label because of its lower cost, and it can also be printed and embossed with aluminum foil. The printing resolution of UV flexo printing technology is also higher than that of silk printing

in addition, quality control is also one of the advantages of flexo printing machines in recent years. It is not so much an art as a science to control the printing color calibration of labels in different operation batches. At present, the color difference of labels that buyers get every time has been very subtle. This is very important for some companies. In particular, some companies have many kinds of products, and the color of each label corresponds to a certain product color. The label provides great flexibility, so some manufacturers can use it alone or in combination with silk, with a very wide range of options

at present, the printing industry is gradually accepting color management technology to help designers be more accurate in color. In the future, the color and quality of labels will be more stable, and the differences between different batches of products will be undetectable. In addition to better color control, printing equipment has made progress in grain, chromatic registration and plate making, which have improved the vivid and three-dimensional sense of printed patterns. Cosmetics manufacturers want their products to be different. They expect label processors to provide attractive designs and products. Flexo printing technology gives them the answer they need

traditional printing machines can provide label manufacturers with the product quality they need, while digital printing machines provide the quantity they need. For a small number of machining tasks, Xeikon and indigo have been widely accepted. Digital printing machine does not need pre printing setting, and provides variable data output, which has incomparable advantages in printing speed. The acceptance of digital printers means that manufacturers have stronger competitiveness in small batch tasks. In many instances, we will find that flexo printing reduces the time required for label production

design trend

it is a challenge to compress all necessary information onto a small label, and it is not easy to attract shoppers' attention. According to different market divisions, designers may pay attention to labels with obvious conflicts and rich colors, or labels with low-key colors and decorative patterns. More and more brand packaging has begun to get rid of the usual packaging form of brand products, and the design is becoming more and more concise. Many cosmetic labels use few colors, which are simple and pure. Perhaps due to cost considerations, metallized inks and holographic processing have become increasingly obsolete

in some product fields, bright and gorgeous colors are not out of date, but a new form is adopted. Aluminum foil and bright colors are still widely used. In order to highlight the image of products, many manufacturers use special inks. They also like more transparent labels to fully display their products. The innovative development of labels is not only related to this, but also will greatly increase the export share of emerging countries. Labels play an increasingly important role in attracting consumers. There is no doubt that today's labels have made great progress in appearance and performance compared with previous years. Processors will continue to exert the charm of labels to the utmost. Labels are still unable to replace printing in some fields. Cosmetics manufacturers have a lot of choices, and use more economical and high-quality solutions to package their own products

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