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Approaching the transparent plastic folding box (II)

(3) die cutting problems caused by poor quality of die-cutting knives

some domestic die-cutting knives have poor durability. When they are used to cut 0.5mm thick plastic sheets, the blade is easy to become blunt, resulting in impervious cutting and white edges during folding and forming. Even if they can be cut, the edges are not smooth, affecting the beauty of the finished box. Therefore, when cutting plastic sheets, it is best to select imported die-cutting knives with good quality. In addition, the use of "hot" or "hot" technology can also alleviate this problem. "Hot plate" is to raise the temperature of the die-cutting base plate appropriately to make the plastic sheet on it soft, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of die-cutting. However, this method will deform the plastic sheet by heating and affect the precision and quality of forming. "Eagerness" means that the die cutting plate is heated, and the plastic sheet is heated locally during die cutting indentation. After this process, the extruded trace line is of good quality, does not change color, will not affect the beauty of the box, and the folding resistance is small, making it more convenient to fold the box. Compared with "hot plate", the "hot plate" box has higher forming accuracy

(4) die cutting difficulties caused by plate making

due to the relatively thick and hard plastic sheets, improper plate making will also affect the die cutting of plastic sheets. For example, if there are too many splicing boxes, some splicing boxes will not be cut off, and they will have to be pulled away by hand, which will not only reduce the production efficiency, but also ensure the die cutting quality. Therefore, the splicing of plastic boxes cannot be as random as that of cartons

(5) the skill level of the operator affects the quality of die cutting

in the process of die cutting, the proficiency of the operator will also have a great impact on the quality of die cutting. The production of die-cutting plate and the control of die-cutting pressure all depend on the experience of operators. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the operating skills of operators

2. Paste box

the transparent plastic folding box can not be manually pasted like the paper box, because the surface performance of the plastic sheet is not as easy to absorb adhesive as the paper, and its elasticity is relatively large. A certain pressure is required in the process of pasting the box, and this pressure can last for a period of time. These factors can not be provided by manual pasting. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain a good paste effect by hand. After the plastic sheet is die-cut, the paste machine should be used to paste the box. The automatic box pasting machines produced by some box pasting machine manufacturers can be used to process transparent plastic. Lilians will also focus on developing new and innovative product boxes. Take boster's media 100 as an example. The special devices required for this model are as follows

(1) Feida is equipped with an electrostatic removal device to improve the conveying effect of boxes and sheets

(2) special paper feeding knife door and guide rod are used to prevent scratching the surface of plastic box during transmission and folding

(3) use a special electric eye to accurately track the transparent box

(4) special pressure belt is used to ensure the best pasting effect

(5) high speed pur hot melt adhesive system or polyolefin based hot melt adhesive system is adopted for the glue spraying part

the use of high-speed pur hot melt adhesive system can obtain a particularly strong bonding effect. Polyolefin based hot melt adhesive system is a new method to produce PP box. Its biggest advantage is that it is very suitable for food packaging. The transparent plastic folding box bonded with polyolefin based hot melt adhesive can be 100% recycled. It is mainly used for some high-end products, such as the transparent, solid, open conical bottom lock box of Nestle quality street

application case

Pushi 3D Co., Ltd. of Wuliangye Group is a large modern company with diversified development and opening up new fields. After more than 4 years of continuous exploration and development, it has initially formed a large enterprise integrating plastic molding processing, raw material production and mold manufacturing, which specializes in providing various packaging for "Wuliangye" liquor

Deepen the cooperation between industry, University and research

the new package developed by Pushi 3D Co., Ltd. for the new product "Wuliangye" adopts an octahedral full transparent environmental protection polyester box, and the box mouth is a one-time pull off anti-counterfeiting cover. Through the polyester box, you can clearly see the "Wuliangye" wine bottle and wine in the box. The strong three-dimensional and perspective sense formed by the transparent packaging inside and outside makes the "Wuliangye" wine more luxurious and exquisite

Ms. lixiulan, the Technology Department of the company, believes that the transparent plastic folding box packaging enables "Wuliangye" liquor to solve the problems mentioned above, and the pet material meets the international environmental protection requirements. It is non-toxic and recyclable. The resistance of the box extends the shelf life of the product and leads the new trend of packaging. In particular, 3D stereoscopic printing can be carried out on PET materials to further strengthen the anti-counterfeiting of packaging boxes and eliminate some counterfeiting

as the development of transparent plastic folding box is still in its infancy, some aspects still need to be improved. In order to make the printing and processing of plastic folding boxes more perfect, Ms. Li emphasized the following three points

(1) the stability of the equipment shall be good, and the maintenance service shall be timely

(2) plastic material suppliers should have quality assurance, and the supply of raw materials should be fast and on time

(3) the ink supplier shall be able to provide ink with excellent water resistance, alcohol resistance and friction resistance, which is more suitable for plastic sheet printing

postscript to the interview

during the interview, we learned that the printing and processing market of transparent plastic folding boxes is mainly occupied by several powerful manufacturers. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the high technical content of plastic sheet printing and molding and large capital investment, they are generally operated in cooperation with several manufacturers to learn from each other and give full play to their respective advantages. In addition, some transparent plastic folding boxes are printed and processed in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places in China. However, assuming that the microcomputer has strong functions, it can be printed directly and then sent to the mainland for sales. We hope that with the expansion of the transparent plastic folding box packaging market, manufacturers can also increase communication, so that the printing and molding technology of the transparent plastic folding box can be improved

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