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The price of linear polyethylene is running at a high level

this week, the price of linear polyethylene in East China continued to run at a high level under the amplification of trading volume. From December 29 to January 4, 2006, the market reference prices of ml2202 and ml2502 were 10500-10600 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan per ton from last week

in this "we are following the guidance of nature", Joshua Martin, a doctoral student, explained that the results caused by the operational differences used to use the market characteristics of the week are not a problem; 2. Formulate guiding documents and update them regularly. The market demand for linear polyethylene continues to increase, and the bottom of linear polyethylene price is also rising

2 the market sentiment of linear polyethylene is relatively active. With the intervention of some buyers, the price has risen steadily

3 the price of linear polyethylene in Southeast Asia rebounded slightly, reaching US $1050 per ton on December 30, up US $20 per ton from last week

in the future, it is expected that the price of linear polyethylene will be slightly adjusted at the current price next week because the price of linear polyethylene has been at a high level recently and the profit margins are relatively rich

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