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Linghua technology and embedded leading manufacturers jointly promote nanoetxexpress 1.0

editor's note: Linghua technology and industry embedded module computer leading manufacturers jointly promote nanoetxexpress version 1.0. A new specification for small com expressTM embedded module computers that maximize performance with minimal size

Beijing, April 7, 2009: Linghua technology announced to cooperate with three leading embedded module computer technology manufacturers, including Kontron, Advantech and Yanyang technology in Germany, to jointly support the market promotion of the new specification of small embedded module computer com (computer on module) nanoetxexpress version 1.0 (the size is only 84 mm x 55 mm), and actively develop new products that meet this specification

nanoetxexpress specification was proposed by Kontron company in Germany. Linghua Technology participated in the formulation of the latest version 1.0 specification, which adds support for sdvo interface. Linghua technology and industry manufacturers will propose to PICMG International Industrial Computer Standards Organization Association to include nanoetxexpress into the com expressTM Standard Specification, temporarily named Ultra

nanoetxexpress specification has the characteristics and advantages that meet the needs of customers, such as forward-looking design concept, high reliability, durability and exquisite mini size, compared with other types of drives. At present, nanoetxexpress version 1.0 is temporarily named ultra, which is different from the compact size (95 mm x 95 mm) module, and is listed in the com expressTM standard specification series

at present, com expressTM standard specifications are divided into basic standard size (95 mm x 125 mm) and extended extended size (110 mm x 155 mm)

Henk van Bremen, director of Linghua technology embedded module computer product center, pointed out: "Today, when many customers take embedded module computer products as the design direction, we clearly find that customers want an open and unified standard, that is, the com expressTM standard of PICMG Association. We propose the ultra mini version specification, and the pins and signals are fully compatible with the original com expressTM type 1 interface. Therefore, we can more effectively maintain the advantages of COM expressTM specification and make use of it Existing design environment and surroundings. Ultra is fully compatible with existing computer on module versions. Customers don't need to worry at all, and can safely consider how to add this design to the latest products. "

Dirk finstel, chief technology officer of Kontron, Germany, said, "we are very happy to receive the support of Linghua technology and other peers, which can ensure the prospect of everyone investing in the research and development of nanoetxexpress related products. The com expressTM type 1 market is in continuous and strong growth. According to the Research Report of (3) illite Market Research Company VDC (Venture Development Corporation, minimum 3 items on), next year (2010) Before, the compound annual growth rate of its market was 70%, and the growth momentum was very amazing. Therefore, we hope that the ultra compact specification will become the mainstream trend of embedded module computers in the future. "

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