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Lingbang equipment can detect hundreds of electrical signals at the same time

electrical detection is an important type of product performance detection. At present, the integration of domestic traditional detection mode is low, which has been difficult to meet the needs of industry development. In recent years, Beijing lingbang instrument has made a number of technological application innovations in electrical testing, and successfully developed a number of electrical testing equipment, which can be used for reference by the industry

electrical testing, also known as electrical performance testing, is generally used to verify whether the overall electrical performance of the system or components to be tested meets the requirements. Sometimes, local electrical parameters are also tested. The test items include voltage, current, impedance, electric field, magnetic field, EDM, response time, etc

the electrical detection equipment of lingbang instrument is based on the most advanced PXI framework, with high integration. It can simultaneously detect more than 100 signals. Compared with the domestic mainstream discrete equipment (oscilloscope, signal generator, spectrum analyzer), it has significant advantages such as high detection efficiency, centralized and automatic data recording, easy management and so on. The following cases can be supported

general testing equipment for electronic components (missile fuzes)

this is a testing equipment for national defense electronic products. It is a general testing platform for fatigue signal, which is called metal based on virtual instrument technology. It is used to test the electrical performance parameters of various missile fuzes (including resistance, voltage, current, capacitance, delay time, etc.), and has the functions of serial communication, analog input, analog output, digital i/o, etc. The scheme is applicable to the electrical performance test of various fuzes

general detection equipment for electronic components (Missile Fuze)

quick detection equipment for solenoid valve

adopts advanced control technology and sensor technology, and uses transparent method to quickly detect the solenoid valve, test the working current of the solenoid valve and automatically calculate the pull in and release time. It can monitor the pressure at the inlet and outlet of the solenoid valve and the gas flow consumed when the solenoid valve is working, and can detect the air tightness of the pneumatic rudder, Test the thrust of the output rod of the pneumatic rudder when it works. After a few modifications, the scheme is also applicable to the rapid detection of various types of solenoid valves

solenoid valve quick detection equipment

radio fuse quick detection equipment

is used for the production inspection of fuse low-frequency product components, and meets the production inspection requirements of 20000 pieces per month. 3 It is inconvenient to measure workpieces or assemblies that are too long and heavy to be sent to the laboratory. The test items include electrical performance parameters, time characteristics and the correctness of program logic, namely voltage, current, amplifier performance, starting frequency, signal bandwidth, delay characteristics, ignition characteristics, etc. During the operation of the torsion testing machine, although the equipment is dedicated to military units, the detection scheme can also be applied to the batch detection of PCB, power module and integrated circuit module after appropriate modification

radio fuze rapid detection equipment

telemetry bomb signal receiver

using PXI bus technology and radio telemetry, the working state of radio fuze in the flight process of projectile can be accurately monitored. It has the functions of data retrieval, data playback, component self inspection, uploading and downloading test data. The system is easy to carry and field test. This scheme can be used for high frequency testing of various types of radio fuzes

telemetry bomb signal receiver

Radio (detector) anechoic box rapid detection system

the anechoic chamber is designed with microwave absorbing materials to form a simulation environment. The central control computer controls the generation of excitation signals with different properties, completes the collection and recording of the response of the tested product, and completes the detection of sensitivity, working voltage and current, detection voltage, radiation power density and other items. The equipment has the advantages of high simulation of the test environment and fast test speed

including many printing polymers, there will be 1% and 3% shrinkage after curing. Typical materials radio (detector) dark box rapid detection equipment appearance

radio fuse low frequency simulation test bench

adopts advanced software radio technology to simulate and test various performances of radio fuse signal processor, including starting sensitivity, power on sensitivity, bandwidth characteristics, burst height (or burst distance). The whole equipment adopts modular design, which is easy to expand. The system equipment with a few modifications can be applied to the testing of various types of fuzes

to sum up, it is not difficult to see that compared with the traditional electrical detection mode, lingbang has great advantages in the complexity of detection projects and equipment integration. In addition, lingbang electrical testing equipment has strong expansibility, and all schemes can be widely used in the testing of products in this field after a few modifications

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