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Linghua 2006 measurement and control technology pioneer forum was successfully held in Shenzhen. The Linghua 2006 measurement and control technology pioneer forum hosted by Linghua technology, the leading manufacturer of CompactPCI and PXI Technology of the world's high-end industrial computers, opened in Shenzhen on April 7. Hundreds of spectators attended the forum enthusiastically, and the atmosphere was very warm

this activity is divided into two sub Forums: measurement automation forum and motion control and Machine Vision Forum. At the measurement automation forum, senior engineers from Linghua delivered a keynote speech on "from PXI to PXI express", "precision of five decimal places - the era of 24bit data acquisition card" and other cutting-edge technologies in the measurement field. Through this capacity expansion, they followed by "developing DAQ applications in three minutes - A new daqboy driver", "High frequency signal analysis -- the perfect combination of PCI-9820 digitizer and MATLAB" and other contents discussed the application of key technologies in practical work with the audience. At the motion control and Machine Vision Forum, professionals from Linghua test samples placed in mobile hanging blue technology and euresys, a well-known manufacturer in the international machine vision and image processing industry, published "high-speed serial i/o and motion control technology and Applications", "pulse motion control technology and related applications", "how to build image acquisition applications of linear cameras and their new technologies", "Machine vision algorithm for product defect inspection or dimension measurement" and other wonderful speeches. In addition, many new products suitable for both dynamic and static appeared on the scene, such as Linghua high-performance PXI bus GPIB interface control card pxi-3488, Linghua multi-channel synchronous data acquisition system, general automatic test platform, 24 bit data acquisition card and other dynamic demonstrations, 6u/3u CompactPCI platform suitable for military communication testing applications, Linghua motion control card and euresys image acquisition card

since 2003, Linghua technology has held the pioneer forum of measurement and control technology in China for the fourth time. In the past three years, this activity has covered more than 20 cities, with a total audience of 5000. Talking about the original intention of holding this forum, Said Mr. gaominghe, director of Linghua technology measurement products division "Linghua technology has been committed to the R & D and promotion of measurement and control technology, and has made some achievements in the promotion of PXI in the past two years. We will continue to invest in research and development on new bus technology, high-speed sample preparation according to test standards/high-precision data acquisition hardware; at the same time, we will continue to pay attention to the usability of acquisition cards, and generally strengthen drivers and third-party software interfaces." Since Linghua technology became the exclusive agent of euresys in China in September, 2005, the two sides have carried out happy and rich cooperation. Talking about the feelings of jointly participating in the sub Forum on motion control and machine vision, Mr. Zhang Yu of euresys said that "euresys' machine vision products perfectly complement Linghua's product line, allowing customers to purchase all the control and inspection platforms required by the production line or equipment in one stop. Users no longer have to worry about product compatibility issues and mutual shirking of suppliers. We are sure that this forum can bring you a lot of useful information"

the forum arrived in Beijing on April 11, then passed through Nanjing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu, and finally arrived in Wuhan. It spread to seven cities for half a month

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