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Lingbang instruments made its debut at the 2014 China International Industrial Expo

Hannover, Germany, in the West and Shanghai Industrial Expo in the East. On November 4, the Shanghai Industrial Expo opened grandly for a period of five days. With the theme of high-end, smart and green, this China Industry Expo covers an exhibition area of 180000 square meters, with 2101 Chinese and foreign exhibitors from 27 countries and regions participating

as a globally influential scientific and technological innovation center, Zhongguancun has organized 20 high-tech enterprises to participate in this Industrial Expo, which is not entirely an active factor. Beijing lingbang Instrument Co., Ltd., as one of the representatives of Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises, appeared in this Industrial Expo

the device on display this time is called a fashionable name called small part detection robot. Instead of calling it robot, it is actually called machine eye. It uses machine eyes to replace human eyes, selects small zeros, and can customize various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS according to domestic and international standards provided by users. It adopts the most advanced machine vision technology and optical detection technology in the world at present

an important component in the new iphone6 this year is tested with it. It is mainly used to detect small magnetic parts, hardware parts, electronic components, high-value components, etc. The robot can work for up to 24 hours a day. Although it is large, its heating capacity is only equivalent to that of an ordinary desktop computer, so it can work continuously for a long time. A single device can detect up to 400000 pieces per day, and can detect whether there are defects in the size, appearance, thickness and geometric tolerance of small parts at the same time

through software research and development, this equipment can detect more than 30 parts and automatically classify qualified/unqualified products. This equipment technology is very high-end, but it is easy to operate. Junior workers can operate flexibly. One equipment can replace six detection workers, and one person can operate more than one

the equipment has won many awards, such as the new technology and new product certification of Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, the software product registration certificate issued by Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, the high-end equipment supported by the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and the national patent technology has been approved. Beijing lingbang Instrument Co., Ltd., the R & D unit of the equipment, received a beautiful gift at the exhibition site! Xinhe Zhongguancun High tech enterprise

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