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Linghua technology creates a one-stop solution for new state MCM equipment monitoring services to achieve remote monitoring and management

Linghua technology, the world's leading provider of edge computing solutions, announced that its MCM equipment monitoring reporter learned from the "guide to the development of new materials industry" that the solution was upgraded, and further launched the dataconnectpro remote factory equipment information overview billboard to realize the integration of sensors and data collection, Edge calculation and vibration analysis as well as one-stop solution of dashboard. Users can monitor multiple plant equipment at the same time, master real-time machine operation information, and build effective dynamic preventive maintenance strategies, so as to reduce downtime, extend the service life of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, improve operation safety and improve production capacity

Ruan Beishan, senior director of Linghua technology intelligent factory business center, pointed out that under the tide of IOT, many operators actively establish automatic monitoring mechanisms because of the large amount of resource investment, the lack of software developers and system integration capabilities, and the difficulty in evaluating benefits. Linghua technology hopes to help enterprises break the deadlock, create an intelligent device monitoring application scheme from the end (devices, sensors, switches) to the cloud (PAAS, SaaS), and help enterprises steadily implement equipment fault prevention

dataconnectpro of Linghua technology is based on the powerful Microsoft azure cloud platform architecture and SaaS services. The built-in equipment monitoring expert system provides spectrum characteristics and accurate early warning. Without any program development or architecture modification, users can easily deploy in a large number of fields. When users expand their plant and add new equipment, they can expand based on the existing information overview dashboard without rebuilding or changing the system architecture, reducing the cost of plant expansion

mcm device monitoring solution features:

mcm is exquisite in size and has an integrated design, which is easy to install near the equipment and reduce the wiring cost

without any program design, the connected equipment can be monitored in real time. Through the visual presentation of information, intelligent management can be realized quickly

provide accurate equipment anomaly warning to avoid equipment shutdown without warning and resulting capacity loss

all users have independent accounts for the manufacture of ingredients that do not contain phthalates and animal derived raw materials, so they can carefully analyze the situation, so that the instrument is often kept clean, the parts and accessories are complete, and the safety data are safe, and historical data are provided to meet the needs of further data analysis and AI

from now on, Linghua technology provides a free trial opportunity to invite customers to experience and quickly verify the equipment status by monitoring

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