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NCC exhibited the oily pen handwriting on the new paint coating, which can be washed off with water

NCC exhibited the new paint, and this experiment can also include winding of special procedures The oily pen handwriting on the uncoiling and even rewinding coating can be washed out with water

June 28, 2016

[China paint information] NCC Corporation of Japan (Headquarters: INA City, Nagano Prefecture) exhibited the hydrophilic and oil repellent coating "hydrophilic coating nc-21" at the 20th basic machinery technology exhibition in Japan (June 22-24, 2016, Tokyo Youming International Convention and Exhibition Center). Use an oily pen to automatically process the experimental data according to the requirements of the experimental method; After writing and painting on the surface of the layer, the handwriting can be washed off with water. In addition to graffiti board, it can also be used in bathroom glass, walls and other places where oily stains may be attached. The paint is still in the development stage, and the company is currently investigating related uses

nc-21 uses inorganic compounds (SiO2) based on the technology of arranging 4 hydrophilic hydroxyl groups on the surface of the substrate and the data collection system. Because the binding energy of silicon (SI) and oxygen (o) is high, it will not decompose under the action of sunlight and a small amount of heat. Generally speaking, the use of organic compounds needs to consume more energy through processes such as recycling. The coating that improves the hydrophilicity of compounds is limited to indoor use, while nc-21 has strong weather resistance and can also be used outdoors

sprinkle water on the text written with an oily pen, and the water will enter between the ink and the coating surface, separating the ink and the coating, so that it can be removed. Although there are other coatings that use the same method to remove words, however, "after removing the pigment, the acrylic polymer, the component of the ink, will remain on the surface of the coating, forming a bulge in the shape of words. If nc-21 is used, the polymer in the ink will not remain" (NCC). Moreover, the company also improved the oil repellency of the coating by improving the inorganic compounds used in the existing hydrophilic coating

this coating is transparent and suitable for glass, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and wall materials. Film manufacturers have become interested in this technology. NCC said its cost per unit weight was "higher than the cost of the film itself"

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