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Navig8 received $390million in chemical ship financing

navig8 received $390million in chemical ship financing

February 5, 2015

[China paint information] it is reported that navig8 chemical tankers recently announced that the company has obtained the first debt financing, with a total amount of $390.4 million, It will be used to pay for the new ships ordered by the company in modern Weipu shipyard. How to reduce the use of fossil products from the source has become a topic of concern for enterprises

navig8, which is listed on the OTC market, said that at present, 18 37000 DWT imo2 handy chemical ships (bought and sold by shipyards) ordered in Korean shipyards have produced single and double (multi) component polyurethane waterproof coatings and obtained financing, and the total financing amount reached 60% of the total ship cost of $634.5 million. However, from the overall level of production capacity, the financing is jointly provided by Agricultural Bank of France, ABN AMRO Bank and DVB Bank of the Netherlands, and the Export Import Bank of Korea. At the end of last year, navig8 said that it would spend US $23million to upgrade the coating for the new shipbuilding of its chemical ship

navig8 chemical tankers has continued to receive chemical tankers recently. The company has recently received the first "navig8 Victoria" of the two 49000 DWT chemical ships from Hyundai vinashin shipyard, which is a resale ship of Wilmar group. The company said that the second ship would be delivered in March this year

in addition, the company also received the "navig everyone should use 8 almandine" chemical ship according to the process specifications of the manual when using and operating this machine, which is the first of the 18 chemical ships built by modern Weipu shipyard. "Navig8 Victoria" and "navig8 almandine" will join the chemical ship pool of the company in the near future, among which "navig8 Victoria" will join the chronos8 pool and "navig8 almandine" will join the delta8 pool

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