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NEC assisted in the safety of football venues in Medellin, Colombia.

NEC provided a video monitoring system for atanasio Gerard stadium, a football venue that can accommodate 45000 people in Medellin, Colombia's second largest city

the monitoring system provided by NEC applies the face recognition technology software with the world's first recognition accuracy (note), which can retrieve the football hooligans who have caused riots from the monitoring images. Once a football hooligan is locked, he/she will be banned from entering the stadium or be monitored to prevent riots, so as to contribute to the safety of football venues

nec focuses on the cause of social solutions. By providing products and services using advanced ICT technology, NEC contributes to the realization of secure social infrastructure and the improvement of customer service

Medellin, Colombia, has been committed to reducing crime and riots for many years, and has made great achievements. But on the other hand, the problem of riots caused by football hooligans is still a major issue. Therefore, the mayor of Medellin started the safe stadium project, entered football hooligans into the database, and took various measures to curb the occurrence of riots

the image monitoring system damaged by the operational amplifier provided this time adopts the real-time face recognition software neoface watch for the surveillance camera, which uses the face recognition technology with the world's first recognition accuracy of NEC. This software can be used to retrieve whether there are football hooligans that have been entered into the database from the images taken by 170 high-definition cameras set up in more than 40 places, such as the entrance, channel and auditorium of the football field. Once the trace of football hooligans is retrieved, the stadium monitoring center will contact the staff. The staff who received the notice will prevent the riots by banning football hooligans from entering the stadium and implementing close monitoring, so as to contribute to strengthening the safety of the stadium

nec has many successful cases of facial recognition security solutions in Latin American countries, such as 14 international airports in Brazil and the urban monitoring system in Tigray, Argentina, that is, statements made about our or our management's intentions, expectations, plans, believes or anticipates actions, events or developments that will or may occur in the future. In the future, NEC will give full play to the experience accumulated in Columbia stadium, so that the safety phase Southwest Aluminum Company has supplied nearly 1000 tons of social solutions to the aviation industry and promoted them all over the world

nec group is committed to promoting social solutions on a global scale, providing peace of mind, safety 239 glass curtain walls, efficient and fair social values, integrating advanced ICT technology with knowledge, and contributing to a brighter, richer and more efficient society

note: NEC won the third consecutive title of NIST face recognition test

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