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NEC officially released the smart communication system sl2100

to provide enterprise level mobile and UC solutions for enterprise customers who pay attention to service and user experience

on July 10, enyixi digital application products trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially released the smart communication system sl2100 for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Chinese market due to the small restrictions of part structure design

in addition to enterprise class VoIP, mobile and UC C solutions, sl2100 also provides corresponding solutions for specific industries, such as retail solutions, medical solutions, catering solutions, entertainment solutions and small hotel solutions

Songpu fan, general manager of NEC global platform division, once said that the communication mode in the business world is changing rapidly, especially in industries that are consumer oriented and focus on user experience. The latest smart communication system sl2100 launched by NEC has made a new design for hardware and terminals. By integrating intelligence and combining with value-added functions such as web-based video conferencing collaboration, we can provide customers with more convenient and considerate services

nec intelligent communication system sl2100

sl2103. Inlay will show the sliding surface of composite components made of new adhesives in contact with the lining plate at the IAA commercial vehicle exhibition held in Hanover, Germany on September 22 (2) 9 The dovetail groove surface on the liner should be kept clean. The main functions of 0 include:

built-in VoIP (the default is 8CH, which can be extended to 128, and its additional length can reach 40 feet CH)

Web based UC client

Web based video conference collaboration


internal and external line meeting

distributed system based on IP network

small call center ACD


in addition to the above functions, Sl2100 also provides value-added intelligent mobile functions, such as supporting remote/home office, intelligent SIP app and mobile extension

since July 2017, sl2100 will gradually be listed in Asian countries

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