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Prepress process of graphic designers in the era of design and proofing

what is design proofing? In the current proofing, digital proofing can be divided into design proofing, color proofing and dot proofing according to various effect requirements. Can color proofing be introduced into the design room to realize design proofing? In fact, designers can use a narrow digital printer for design proofing. Digital proofing system is generally composed of hardware and software. The hardware is mainly a large format printer using inkjet technology (such as HP Designjet 5000 large format printer of HP company), and the software is mainly RIP software developed for digital proofing (such as express color rip color management software of Jinhao company). At present, the large format printers sold on the market have large volume and high price

if the format is changed to narrow and the cost is reduced, people can afford to buy and use digital proofing machines. For example, some institutions have strict requirements on the effect in the design drawings, and each layout usually needs to be modified many times in the production process. Users of this type have begun to use digital proofing as trial proofing. In the process of modification, first use digital proofing, and then do traditional proofing until the modification is completed, which is not only convenient for repeated modification, but also saves the cost of proofing. In newspaper photo typesetting, people have used A3 format printer output, which is very convenient. We have every reason to believe that the narrow digital proofing machine will keep pace with it

if this day comes, let's describe the prepress process of a graphic designer:

when the designed pattern is more realistically displayed in the computer, connect with a narrow digital proofing machine, which prints samples at the speed of almost an ordinary printer; After careful inspection and comparison, the defects were corrected one by one, so the proofing machine was started again and another sample was produced. If the sample still looks unsatisfactory, just modify it and print it again

people may worry about the cost of printing, but compared with this convenience, the cost of narrow digital proofing machine is negligible. In fact, both the purchase cost and the color cost used in printing are relatively low. The price of narrow width digital proofing machine must be much cheaper than the large format proofing machine used in the current output center. What about the cost of samples? As we mentioned above, the cost of digital proofing in the output center is similar to that of traditional proofing: if you provide users with four samples, taking octave proofing as an example, traditional proofing requires 50 yuan, while the cost of one sample of digital proofing is about 10 yuan, and four samples are about 40 yuan. How fast? The large format digital printer can print 7 square meters per hour at the slowest and 52 square meters per hour at the fastest. Don't forget, this speed may be the speed of all proofing work. There is no need to copy the disk, no need to run around, and everything will be done in a short time

after one day, proofing will no longer need to go to the output center, and the designer's office is the "output center"

many companies have seen the prospects and huge business opportunities of digital proofing and design proofing, and have invested a lot of human and material resources in research and development. As far as digital proofing is concerned, it is the result of the comprehensive application of computer technology, color printing technology and color management technology. At present, the most widely used digital proofing systems in China include bestcolor digital proofing system, CGS digital proofing system and HP Jinhao digital proofing system in foreign countries, and the digital proofing system developed by founder of Peking University is booming in China. Among these digital proofing systems, the large format color inkjet printer that is most used is produced by HP and Epson, with a printing resolution of 1200 DPI, and the printing accuracy and quality can be comparable to or even exceed the printing quality; The printing format can reach A0 or even larger, which can meet the format requirements of all kinds of printing

as a world-famous supplier of computing and imaging solutions, HP has unique prediction and analysis capabilities for the market. HP saw that traditional printing could not meet the growing printing needs of enterprises, so it launched a digital proofing system that was most suitable for the needs of enterprises. HP Jinhao digital proofing system is developed on the basis of Jinhao express rip with industrial standard, in combination with HP's latest large format color inkjet printer HP designjet5000, plus accurate color management technology

Jinhao express Rip can support postscript level 3 Four or six color printing; Support ICC International Standards; Have gradient adjustment curve; Meet the linear work; Have any adjustable color adjustment tools; It can output files in PDF, tiff, PS, EPS and other formats; Realize fully automated workflow; Support AppleTalk, spool folder, tcp/ip network printing; Support multi task parallel working mode; You can preview before printing to avoid errors. It can run on Windows NT or power Mac platform. The design of the operation interface is reasonable. Both Apple computer environment and PC environment are easy to learn and easy to use, without the need for highly skilled traditional proofing printers

HP Jinhao color digital proofing system has two main characteristics: one is fast speed, the other is high precision. The printing speed of HP Designjet 5000 Series large format color inkjet printer has been greatly improved. When printing with the best quality in full format, it can print 4% per hour It is 9 m long, about half open. The reason why this printer has such a high speed is due to its unique jetexpress multi nozzle high-frequency thermal inkjet technology. It integrates 512 nozzles on a 25 mm wide print head. The high-frequency jet can spray up to 15000 ink dots per second, and each line can print a width of 20 mm. In addition, the printer also adopts 6-color ink and special color layered printing technology, so that up to 21 ink dots can be sprayed at the same position, which increases the number of layers of each ink dot and improves the fineness and sense of hierarchy of the printed image

business investment is at the right time

digital printing is a ray of sunshine in the traditional industry of printing, which has some characteristics of a sunrise industry. Investing in digital printing means considerable returns

traditional printing has many additional equipment and high investment cost. Taking the proofing in the printing process as an example, if two sets of folio four-color proofing are completed within one hour, the investment of traditional equipment requires four sets of proofing machines, supporting printing and developing equipment, plus the required staff and large factory buildings, the investment amount is about 2million yuan, which is a big investment for small and medium-sized enterprises. The investment of digital proofing will not exceed 1.5 million yuan at most, and the additional labor is close to zero. In terms of material cost, the cost of traditional proofing paper and ink is very low, and the higher is the plate foam particle machine material and potion. A digital proofing sheet with a folio format is about 25 to 170 yuan. In general, the return on investment of digital proofing can be much higher than that of traditional proofing

the complete set of HP digital proofing system can meet the proofing requirements of full open printing format with only RMB million, eliminating the huge investment of hundreds of thousands to millions of traditional printing proofing (proofing machine, plate printer, plate punching machine, punching machine, etc.). And only 10 square meters of office space is needed, which is suitable for the office environment and eliminates the roar of the wide factory buildings and machines of traditional printing and proofing

lower investment and production costs, with the advantage of market competition. According to preliminary estimation, the production cost of using HP Jinhao color digital proofing system (calculated by one sample per version) is much lower than that of traditional proofing, with a large profit margin. When HP launches a printer dedicated to "design proofing", the investment cost and proofing cost will be greatly reduced

design proofing gives people a heartbeat

anyway, digital proofing is coming, design proofing is coming, and many people have seen and used it, and have something to say

"traditional proofing can't do multi devices, that is, a job needs to be output in different media, but traditional proofing can't do it, but design proofing can do it. The design proofing system can correct and simulate different output formats, such as magazine size, poster size, etc., and automatically modify the file content."

"the advantage of design proofing is that the investment is less, the cost is also very flexible, and the effect can be known in advance. Especially in color management, adjust the printer first, set some goals, which can be light powder, matte powder or new linear rotating combination friction and wear experimental machine. Smell the paper, and after measurement, print out the sample that is not more than the actual design."

"in the past, it took one day to output film and one day to proofing, but now you can output an A3 size design proofing in a few minutes. If there is no problem, you can output film, which saves a lot of time. In addition, the final standard of color control used to be in the hands of proofing companies, but now it is in your own hands. You can control time and cost well."

where there is demand, there is market, and where there is market, there will be enterprises to seize business opportunities. Following the development of large format digital printers, Hewlett Packard, which is riding high in the printer market, has developed A3 format digital design proofing machine for the majority of design institutions, which will be launched in August and September this year. At that time, proofing will be another world

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